RX 100, a movie, which placed in Telugu hit Movies all the time


RX 100, a movie, which created sensation with its bold content. The movie was placed as one of all time hit Telugu movies. Debutant director Ajay Bhupati, who came from the school of Ram Gopal Varma directed the movie. The movie completed two years since its release, but the vibrations about the movie are still alive in Telugu movies.

Recently it was placed in movies on Aha. It is also trending high at OTT platform with owning a good amount of views at movies on aha. Let’s check the story, highlights and other details of RX 100, before browsing about it at movies on aha.


RX 100 Shiva (Kartikeya) is an orphan without parents. Daddy (SindurapuvvuRamky) grows up in care. He becomes a key member in the Daddy’s group. Village ZPTC is in favor of Vishwanath (Rao Ramesh). Indu (Payal Rajput), the daughter of Vishwanath, falls in love with the wise and innocent Shiva. Shiva, who is deeply in love with Indu, lives his world.

Under similar circumstances she marries another man and leaves for America. The twists in the RX100 story are why he lives in the memories even though he knows Indu is married. Did Shiva get Indu’s love, who lived in love for three years about her? Why is Indu kept away from Shiva, who loves so much for her? At the end, Shiva knows something about this unexpectedly. The story of the RX 100 movie is the answer to the question of what kind of twists and turns the movie climaxed because of that twist.

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Artistes’ Performances:

RX100 is the debut movie of hero Karthikeya. The variations shown by Karthikeya in the character of Shiva are unmatched by any other hero in recent Telugu movies. Many shades can be seen in the character like an innocent, a lover, a broken lover, a young man who has been wronged, a boyfriend who is aware of his girlfriend’s cheating. He excelled in fights and action episodes. He also acted in romantic scenes.

The role played by Payal Rajput may not have been seen in Telugu movies lately. The director has designed the character in such a way as to check the criticism that the heroines are limited to songs and beauty. Payal lived up to the character as befits the character. It also dominated the romantic scenes in the beginning. The gestures shown by Payal in the climax give a new feeling to the audience.


Written by director Ajay Bhupathi on the theme of Nativity, the story reflects the rural atmosphere. The director has brilliantly portrayed the politics of the village, the sarcasm in the villages and the love. Taking the film forward with feel-good elements and finally ending with emotional elements was the cornerstone of his talent.

Music and editing are the life of RX100 film. The songs provided by Chaitan Bhardwaj are situational good. Rerecording is a special attraction to the movie.

Cast and crew:

Cast: Kartikeya, Payal Rajput, Rao Ramesh, Ramky, etc

Direction: Ajay Bhupati


Cinematography:Ram Reddy

Producer:Ashok Reddy Gummakonda


RX 100, a movie entertains everyone with a bold love story and wonderful twists. A musical hit Tollywood movie. Best entertainment for youth and adult audiences.

Browse ‘movies on Aha’ and find ‘RX 100’ in ‘Telugu movies

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