Pointers for Avoiding for Varicose Veins from Dr. Jordan Garrison of Hackensack, NJ Vein Center

For many people, varicose veins are simply elements of their lives that they have grown to live with. They may have developed those varicose veins due in part to their lifestyle or perhaps due to their family history, but regardless of how they were acquired, they possess a tremendous amount of staying power.

However, younger individuals may still be in a position to avoid varicose veins altogether. Operating out of Hackensack, New Jersey, Dr. Jordan Garrison has provided some tips people can follow if they want to delay the onset of varicose veins or even just steer clear of them completely.

Alter Your Diet

It probably isn’t that surprising to learn that the food you eat can contribute to you getting varicose veins.

People need the food they eat to aid with circulation to prevent varicose veins, which is why high-fiber items are recommended. Examples of high-fiber food items Dr. Garrison recommends eating more of include beans, nuts, as well as pasta and bread made from whole wheat.

Going high-fiber with food choices is easy, but what makes things more difficult is that your diet also has to be low on sodium if you want to avoid varicose veins.

To make the transition to a low-sodium diet easier, Dr. Garrison urges people to eat more fresh ingredients and to utilize citrus more in cooking. That nice pop of citrus won’t replace the salty flavor, but it will still help impart a more appealing flavor.

Perform Exercises Focused on Getting the Legs in Motion

Varicose veins tend to show up way more frequently on the legs than they do on other parts of the body. That’s due in part to the fact that blood can accumulate in your legs if you aren’t moving around a lot over the course of your day.

The fix here is simple and it involves exercising more. Specifically, Dr. Garrison recommends carrying out exercises that target the legs. Some options for you to consider include running or swimming. You can also play a sport you are particularly fond of more often to get your legs churning.

If you simply have no free time to exercise, then at the very least, try to move your legs around every now and then and elevate them while you’re seated or lying down to prevent the blood from remaining in one place.

Wear More Comfortable Articles of Clothing

Many of the more fashionable items being sold today are form-fitting. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with those types of clothes, but it is worth noting that they can put you at greater risk for varicose veins.

Tight shoes and pants are notorious for adversely affecting the body’s circulation and they need to be avoided if possible. If you continue to wear clothes that are too restrictive, you may end up needing to pay a visit to a vein center sometime in the not too distant future.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is an incredibly unhealthy habit and along with all the other terrible things it can do to a person’s body, it also increases the chances of varicose veins appearing. The habit of smoking can wreak havoc on blood circulation and that’s why it puts smokers at greater risk of developing varicose veins.

People who don’t quit smoking may end up needing to make a trip to the vein center as well as several other medical facilities sooner rather than later.

Seek Assistance

Don’t worry. Even if it’s a bit late for you to prevent your varicose veins, you can still do something about them. You can pay a visit to one of the Metro Vein Centers and seek out a solution there.

Services offered by the centers include sclerotherapy, radiofrequency ablation, and endovenous laser ablation.

By heading to a nearby treatment center, you can address a lingering problem quickly without having to deal with excessive amounts of pain or even discomfort.

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