Paragliding vs. Skydiving – What Is the Age Limit for Paragliding in Tenerife


Paragliding and skydiving are both aerial sports. Both differ in many ways. Skydiving means enjoying the free-fall from an airplane before opening a parachute and gliding down. In paragliding, you don’t jump or fall. You find the correct spot that facilitates you to run and leap before you start flying. Rather than falling quickly to some landing area, the paraglider finds wind currents and stays afloat.  

You can also feel the difference in equipment associated with both aerial sports. The harness used in the Paragliding trips Tenerife is comfortable because the time to stay in the air is longer. The gear used has to protect the paragliders from surfing long hours in the clouds. On the other hand, skydiving uses a parachute that perfectly fits in a backpack, which is carried on the skydiver 

Paragliding has horizontal movements, so the glider can explore the landscape around Tenerife. Horizontal movements allow the gliders to move higher and higher. The flight can last for hours and cover miles and miles. 

Skydiving allows enjoying a free fall from a massive height. It has vertical movements, so the activity reveals not much displacement. However, this sports goal is not to travel around but fall freely and it takes not more than 10 minutes. 

The difficulty level also differs in paragliding and skydiving. Both need some training. Paragliding needs a little more practice to master than skydiving. 

What age limit allows paragliding?

If you are interested in paragliding then there is an age limit to enjoy this aerial sport. In Spain, a 6-year child can go paragliding but with a monitor like in tandem flight. Solo flights differ a little and the minimum age limit is 14 years. It is an age, where the teen can manage the paraglide wings and do stunts. 

Paragliding is not about age but skills and competence. While flying solo there are some crucial decisions the glider has to make for avoiding risks, which may be hard for teens. Physical condition is essential even if the activity seems calming and relaxing. It turns hard and demanding, while you prepare to run with the wings and jump from the hills or slopes. 

You need the capability to start your flight with grace and style. Also, consider the fact that you will have to spend long hours in the air. 

For kids, there are weight limitations for tandem flights. Not having appropriate weight may cause issues, therefore share the correct weight to enjoy the flights. 

Best paragliding place in the world

Costa Adeje in Tenerife, Spain is the best place for paragliding. You gain an opportunity to enjoy the coastline beauty and astounding volcanic backdrops. The vista is full of divergences. The temperature around the year is great with continuously flowing trade winds with strong propulsion. You can enjoy a paragliding flight for several hours anytime in a year. The best time for flying in Costa Adeje is around October to May. Check the list of Canary Club Excursions and book a paragliding flight to conquer Tenerife heavens!

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