Maintain A Healthy Spine Through Facet Joint Syndrome Treatment

The spine, a pillar that holds the body, is prone to different conditions that make it experience pain and discomfort. The discs that make the spine may degenerate or wear out, resulting in back and neck pain. People struggle to look for specialists who can diagnose their condition correctly and identify the cause and offer effective remedies without success. That has now been addressed since Eugene facet joint syndrome specialist at Pacific Sports and Spine provides the latest innovative treatment to ensure you receive the best treatment based on your needs. They will diagnose your problem’s cause and recommend the best treatment plan for you. If you struggle with facet joint syndrome, you need to know the following.

What Is Facet Joint Syndrome?

Facet joint syndrome is the pain from the spine’s facet joints due to degenerative changes. It occurs due to uneven distribution of body weight on the spine leading to wear and tear in the joints. The wear and tear cause joint movement difficulty and hence inflamed and irritation. Pain signals are sent to the brain through sensory nerves.

Symptoms Of Facet Joint Syndrome

The degeneration causes pain when triggered. You will experience a dull pain that spreads from your lower back all the way to the skull. Any movement that might strain the affected area will lead to pain. Long standings or inactivity may also worsen the pain. Pain may be intense or occur periodically. You may also feel the pain down the arms or legs if you have bone spurs.

Causes Of Facet Joint Syndrome

 Your spine may wear down due to age related problems. Some other body conditions that occur due to lifestyle changes including obesity and poor body posture may also lead your facet joints to experience pain.

Who Does It Affect?

Facet joint syndrome is common in both men and women. People over 40 to 70 are prone to developing this condition. Also, those people prone to arthritis are at risk of having the condition. Those who have had a spine injury also may experience the problem. It does not favor specific people and is, therefore, a universal condition.

How To Diagnose Facet Joint Syndrome?

The condition requires an accurate diagnosis to determine the source of the pain since facet pain can be similar to other spine problems. Diagnoses may include medical history and a physical exam. The doctor will want to know your history, including any record of a spine injury, the location of your pain, and when you experience the pain. The doctor will manipulate your joints to check the movement and tenderness of the spine. They may also perform imaging studies such as x-rays, CT, or MRI to assist in the diagnosis process.

The spine experiences many problems since it performs various activities on the body. Some conditions may cause unending pain and discomfort, limiting you from performing your routine duties. If you are a spine pain victim, you may be the best candidate for facet joint syndrome treatment. At Pacific Sports and Spine, the tea uses the latest innovations to treat your problem. You can begin by planning an online appointment or calling their office today.

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