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Many new businesses and individuals are now aiming to find alternative energy sources that reduce toxic gas emissions. The hazardous emissions are a big problem because they affect every stage of life around the world, while generating electricity for a household. Many green energies, including solar and wind power, have the same goal and have seen massive interest in recent years. If you are interested in learning more about clean and green energy, then today we are going to help you out with it. Let’s check out the top facts about green energy in this blog in detail.

What do you mean by green energy?

Green energy produces power from natural sources that do not have harmful side effects. They do not pollute the atmosphere and the earth’s surface like conventional resources. Majority of us are aware of wind and solar power, but there are several other sources of green energy that you can find these days. All of them help to reduce carbon footprint and bring down the contamination levels. Water, wind, and the sun have long been used to generate energy, heat water, and run machines.

Even though all sources of power generate some kind of emissions, green energy sources have brought down the levels drastically. They contribute at least 65% – 70% less emissions to the atmosphere and allow you to enjoy electricity without damaging the ecosystem. The use of green energy has seen massive development over the last few years and now there are several advanced technologies that can help you to generate efficient green energy.

What are the major sources of green energy?

Now that you are aware of what green energy is, here are some of the major sources of it –

  • Solar – probably the most common source of renewable energy is the sun. Solar power has been long used to generate a huge amount of electricity. The energy from the sun is captured in the photovoltaic cells that contain electrons which can convert the solar energy into usable electricity. Solar panels can be easily installed at homes, and other places where you can expose the panels directly under the sunlight.
  • Wind – wind has been one of the most popular sources of green energy for decades now. Almost all of us have seen wind farms, right? Windmills are used to harness the power of wind and convert it into usable energy. The blades rotate constantly when they come in contact with the wind. This power is captured and sent to the generators which produce electricity.
  • Hydrogen – one of the recent and advanced sources of generating green energy is the use of hydrogen. It is currently used in automobiles, to generate heat and to power other applications. Hydrogen is a liquefied natural gas that is stored in large tanks and then circulated in thousands of solid fuel cells. Fuel cells, such as car batteries, contain liquid electrolytes. When the electrolyte mixes with hydrogen and oxygen, it creates a charge and is stored in the battery.

So, here are the different sources of green energy that you start using. You can compare electricity rates to find out whether green energy is more efficient and affordable or not.

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