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If someone wants to learn more about poker then this is the right place to learn about poker. So, there are many poker tutorials available on the internet. It is the sum of all of them. The poker tutorial starts here

  • Royal flush

Combination of ace, king, queen, jack and 10 in a single suit. If any player has this combination then it can not be beaten. It is the most famous hand in Texas Hold’em.

  • Straight flush

Five-card sequence from the same suit is known as straight flush. When there is a tie in the game the player who has highest sequence will win.

  • Four of a kind

In this sequence, four cards will have the same rank and the fifth card will act as a kicker. In the event of tie the player who has the highest kicker will win the match.

  • Full house

Three cards of the same rank and other two cards of similar rank form a full house. When tie has occurred the player, who has a high rank of three cards will win.

  • Flush

Five cards from the same suit don’t matter they are sequenced or not. Form a flush and in tie situation the player who has the high-rank card will win.

  • Straight

Five cards in a sequence not from the same suit is called straight. In a tie situation, the player with high ranked sequence will win.

  • Three of a kind

Three cards of the same rank and other two cards not in sequence or anything.

  • Two pairs

Two pairs of cards of the same rank and one card act as a kicker.

This is the basic tutorial of poker. And every professional poker player uses their own strategy in the tournament to win. So, develop a strategy that suits you.

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