Jama connect: know the basic about this software

Requirements management in Jama Connect speeds up the product development process by saving time, enhancing alignment, and ensuring quality and compliance. Teams can create, review, validate and verify requirements within a single solution. The best way to define requirements and specifications, align stakeholders and prove compliance. Define, manage and validate complex system requirements while eliminating the risks, and inefficiencies associated with existing documents and systems.

However, Jama software brings end-to-end visibility: product definition, design, development and test phases. The software presents the relationships and interdependencies between systems, teams, activities and results. Jama Connect also allows teams to –

  • Maintain a clear vision to a single source of truth throughout the development process
  • Revise in real time to agree and make informed decisions
  • Support several development methodologies and engineering disciplines
  • Configure the platform to align with best practices in the sector
  • Visualize the links between test traceability, and requirements in order to provide proof of quality and conformity.
  • Reuse validated requirements to quickly recreate functionality across multiple products.

  • Main Features of Jama software

Jama Software offers an innovative features intended to empower teams, and give them the freedom to innovate and the tools they need to do their outstanding work.

Traceability in real time

Easily navigate up, and down relationships to assess the impact of the changes, and their scope throughout development.

Follow-up of decisions and accelerated reviews

Perform virtual reviews of requirements, test cases, user needs or test results, track discussions, changes, and critical decisions between multiple teams and geographic locations.

Real-time collaboration

Immediately share and prioritize essential decisions, integrate the necessary contributors, and reference the historical context to eliminate congestion in communication.

  • Limitations of Jama software

Jama Software has many strong points –

Increase efficiency and improve your processes

Accurately capture and communicate requirements, goals, progress and interdependencies to streamline the development process.

Understand and respond to changes

In order to minimize product modifications and late corrections, identify their repercussions in advance. Make sure development teams have up-to-date information to make an informed decision as requirements evolve.




Foster clarity and collaboration

Combine Jama Connect test case and requirements management with task management and automated testing solutions. You will have a clearer vision of what you are creating and why you are creating it. Discover the operational benefits which an organization can achieve by investing in developing better requirements, as well as how to envision the return on investment that will result.

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