Human Trafficking Victim Support And Understanding Of Their Needs

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There are laws governing the state and people, but it seems that some groups or individuals aren’t afraid because they continue to get involved with crimes. Their greed for money has led them to undertake various misconducts, such as human trafficking. The State Department reported that there are over 27 million victims in 188 countries this year.

The Secretary of State, Antony Blinken emphasizes combating such crimes because it concerns human rights, as well as, freedom. Our government’s dedication and commitment to fighting criminal acts will give us peace of mind. Thus, we should also incorporate victim empowerment within our communities to support them in their rehabilitation.

We could all suffer at the hands of traffickers because some of them are not strangers, but family members or acquaintances. They control us by integrating their power, money, strategies, or privileges. When someone is abused, they’d like to keep their distance from the world, thus, we should reach out and understand such circumstances.

Human Trafficking

It’s a federal crime where traffickers use force, pressure, or deception when obtaining labor, as well as, commercial sexual action. Psychological, emotional, and physical methods could be involved in manipulating their targets. That’s why they’re often threatened, tricked, scammed, and hurt.

Forced labor is one of the misbehaviors recognized in the USA and it greatly increased because of cyber scams. Victims were recruited online due to false job postings on different websites. While minors are forced engaging to various sensual undertakings in exchange for cash or non-monetary payments. 

Labor trafficking targets domestic servants, farmworkers, factory workers, etc., and may happen in different industries, including our homes. Due to the accessibility online, a lot of individuals were victimized and engaged in pornography, as well as, escort services against their will. Traffickers may also bring them to different spots and engage in sexual activities or trade people as sex slaves – click for further reading.

Human Trafficking Indicators

As observant neighbors, we could be potential witnesses and identifiers of traffickers. We just need to be aware of the situation and see if there’s something odd.  

You’ll see this person with signs that he was abused physically and avoids eye contact when you ask about what happened. Most of the time, he’ll respond in a scripted manner or someone next to him replies on his behalf.

It’s not often that we talk to helpers around. But when they tell you that their actions are limited, don’t have enough wages, and can’t leave employers, then that’s strange. If they’re from other countries, their employers may be keeping their visas or passports, thus, they need help.

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If only we can report any form of human trafficking that happened or is happening in our neighborhood, then we’ll be able to help this victim. However, having such experiences requires ample courage before we can talk about it. This is the reason why it’s not easy to identify them but we can’t also blame their situation.

After being threatened and exploited, you’ll develop trust issues. You’ll fear other people and will hide from them because you don’t want to go back into that dark past. This is why, once a person opened up his story, you should listen and encourage him to get help from specialists.

When he already accepted what happened and is determined to face the world again, he’ll be ready for identification. By this time, he can report the incident and will move on to a new chapter of his life. As a survivor, he may even volunteer to help other people who suffered from such abuses – read here for more info. 

Where you must get help?

If you’re certain that human trafficking is happening in your community, then don’t hesitate to make a report. You have to alert the authorities immediately by calling emergency or hotline numbers. We have to rescue him so that he can obtain suitable support from his family and government.

There are local organizations as well and they’re assisting victims who were able to escape the circumstances. This includes shelter, food, rehabilitation, and legal assistance. Some of them may have been traumatized and require medical care.

It only shows that you’re not alone in this fight. Thus, you have to report traffickers for their punishments.

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