How To Properly Care For Resin Christmas Ornaments

resin personalized Christmas ornaments are one of the most durable choices to decorate the tree. The material is very sturdy while still looking as elegant as their glass or crystal counterparts, minus the dangers of breakages. This makes resin one of the most popular Christmas ornaments in the market.

However, due to their durability, most people tend to forget how to care for the ornaments which lead to early damage. Without proper cleaning, maintenance, and storage, even the sturdiest ornaments will eventually look worse for wear and break. To avoid that and save you money on buying new ornaments every year, here are a few handy tips to remember when caring for resin personalized Christmas ornaments:

Proper Cleaning

Resin is a very low-maintenance material. To clean off light dirt and grime on the ornament, all that is needed is a dry, clean, and soft cotton cloth. Simply wipe away the layer of dirt and your job is done.

However, for ornaments that have gathered several layers of dirt through the years, a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap is required. Using a clean soft cloth dipped in the soapy mixture, gently wipe away all the grime. Once done, rinse the ornament with water and allow it to dry. Cleaning the ornaments is very easy, especially if you do this routinely.

Protecting The Ornaments

If you want to ensure the ornaments and the designs are protected from damage and fading, adding a clear spray-on polyurethane coating is the best practice. Look for a coating that has UV protection to prevent sun damage from affecting the ornaments. The spray-on coating may come with a matte or shiny finish, the choice is up to you.

Some coatings can be painted on the ornaments to protect them, but they are harder to use. Painted coatings tend to be thicker which results in a gummy finish that takes longer to dry.

Correct Storage

Aside from cleaning and protecting the ornaments, a big part of their care and maintenance is correct storage. These are the most important details to take note of when storing resin ornaments after the holidays:

Remove Hooks – Make sure to remove all the ornament hooks before placing them into storage. This ensures the ornaments do not get scratched up when the storage box is moved from one area to another.

Wrap Using Acid-Free Paper – The Acid-free paper is the best choice for wrapping up ornaments as this will not affect any of the designs and the resin material itself.

Store Separately – Wrap each ornament separately and keep them apart from each other when putting away. Recycled egg cartons are perfect for storing ornaments while ensuring they don’t crowd and damage each other.

Don’t Store In The Attic Or Basement – While you may have done this before, do not store the ornaments in the attic or the basement. Choose a place that does not have a high humidity level as humidity will affect the ornaments negatively.

Bonus Tip: When you see small damages on the surface of the ornaments, do not cover it up with paint. The chances of ruining the ornament with DIY repairs are higher than when you just leave them alone.

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