How to Eliminate Excess Body Fat with Liposuction?

The thing with maintaining a healthy weight is, it’s not a one thing activity but a rather lifestyle. It is what you do to achieve your desired weight goals and to ensure you retain the results. We know weight loss does not come easily, but the health benefits that come with it are enough motivation. However, when it comes to achieving a natural body contour, weight loss methods may not give you definite results. Dayton liposuction specialist at PureMD understands what it means and uses minimally invasive techniques to eliminate resistant body fat cells. Keep it here to learn more on liposuction.

What is liposuction?

It is a minimally invasive procedure to remove unwanted fat cells to give a slimmer body contour. Liposuction at PureMD involves using an advanced system known as Smartlipo. Unlike the traditional liposuction methods, Smartlipo is non-invasive with fewer health risks and unlimited benefits to your health.

What to expect during liposuction?

Your liposuction treatment begins with your provider marking the treatment areas. Then administers a local anesthetic to enhance comfort during the procedure. In the next steps, they insert a small tube in the marked body treatment areas.

The tube has a laser fiber that uses laser energy to heat the fat cells until they break down. Your provider uses the tube to draw the melted fat cells from your body. The body excretes and absorbs the remaining substances.

You can expect to notice a slimmer and tighter body within a short period after the liposuction treatment.

What body parts can you treat with liposuction?

You can use the SmartLipo technique to remove unwanted fat from the following areas.

·         Thighs

·         Arms

·         Abdomen

·         Chin and neck

·         Buttocks

·         Chest and back

Other than eliminating the fat, liposuction enhances skin tightening. Liposuction offers lasting results; however, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including a healthy weight.

How else can you use liposuction?

Besides, eliminating unwanted fat in your targeted body areas, you can undergo liposuction for fat transfer. Usually, you can transfer fat from areas with excess fat to body areas with less volume. Your provider uses liposuction to remove the fat and inject it into targeted body areas.

The fat transfer procedure is natural and compatible with your body since it uses body fat from your body. You can transfer fat to various body areas of your choice, including the breasts, hands, face, and buttocks.

How safe is liposuction?

Smartlipo is a non-invasive procedure, hence giving a safer option compared to the invasive traditional liposuction methods. It allows you to enjoy the following benefits.

·         Fewer risk of tissue damage or injury

·         Prevents bleeding

·         Promotes faster healing

·         Fewer bruising and swelling

·         No downtime

As with most procedures, it’s normal to experience discomfort after the liposuction, including swelling. Your provider may prescribe medications or advise on measures to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms. With Smartlipo, you can resume work within a day after the treatment.

We are confident when our bodies look good. Excess body fat should not prevent you from achieving your body’s natural contour. Liposuction at PureMD can help you get rid of excess body fat in no time. Check their website today or call to book your appointment.

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