How different rummy playing cards signify different situations at work?

The rummy rule says that you need to form sequences with the cards that you have in order to win. You need to have at least one pure sequence after which you can have other sets formed to disclose and win. Different rummy playing cards have different importance in the game. This should be understood by the players well before starting the game.

Understanding the significance of the cards in a game of rummy can help in playing the game better. Also, if you are playing rummy to perfect your professional life, these cards can help you in different situations at work too.

Importance of the cards in rummy

Normally, the cards in rummy are classified into face cards and number cards. The face cards are King, Queen, Jack, Ace, and Joker. The number of cards is the cards in the four suits.

  • Mainly the face cards King, Queen, Jack, and Ace are known to be high-value cards as they have 10 points each. Thus, these are the ones that need to be discarded first. But these can be used in forming natural pure sequence.

  • The Ace card has its own importance as it can be manipulated. The Ace card can be chosen in different forms such as the card holding 1 point or also as Joker at the beginning of the game. If the Ace card is chosen as 1 point holder, it can be used with the number cards 2 to 4 forming a sequence. If it is chosen to be a Joker, all the ace cards can play the role of a Joker card in the game.

  • The number of cards is the main card that helps in forming sequences in the game.

  • The Joker card is the game-changer. Though it cannot be used in the formation of a pure sequence, it can definitely help in reducing the points when combined with the high-value cards.

Rummy playing cards signifying different work situations

Similar to the different rummy playing cards, there are also many situations at work that need to be dealt with tricks and strategies.

  • Case 1:

There are times when you are confused about whether you should take up a task offered by your senior or you should sideline it to someone else. This is the situation that is similar to the Face cards of rummy such as King, Queen, and Jack. You should analyze carefully whether you can use them to form a pure sequence or not. If not, then it is always ideal to discard them. Similarly, think carefully whether the work provided to you will help you in getting appreciation or not. Depending on this, you can let it go.

  • Case 2:

There can be a number of times when you may be an average performer but your skill can do the work for you. Suppose, your company has got a French client and your boss is not much aware of the language. If you are a French proficient candidate, you can become the most valuable person in this situation. This is similar to the Joker card in the game of rummy.


The online rummy game can impact our lives in a number of ways. If noticed carefully, not only the strategies used in the game, but the different cards also reflect different situations in life, mainly at the workplace. It is the person’s responsibility to analyze the situations well and act accordingly, whether it is a game of rummy or the office.

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About the Author: Dwight V. Bartholomew