hCG Injections And Your Menstrual Cycle: What You Should Know

The human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG is a type of hormone that is only detected in pregnant women. In fact, this is the hormone that is usually detected by pregnancy tests to indicate a positive result because a normal adult will not have hCG present in their system unless pregnant. As of late, there isn’t enough information about hCG injections and hCG as a hormone in general which confuses a lot of people. Here are some facts about the hormone to help people understand how the injections can help their body: Where Does hCG Come From? The main and usually only source of this hormone comes from the developing embryonic tissues. As soon as conception occurs, the fertilized egg will start to produce hCG in just a few days, which tells the body that you are pregnant. Are There Other Sources? Aside from the embryonic tissues secreting the hormone, there are two other possible sources of hCG: some tumors that produce the hormone or in cases where the patient is undergoing fertility treatments, which induces ovulation. How Does hCG Affect Menstruation? The main role of hCG is to signal the body that a baby is expected which prevents the shedding of a woman’s uterine lining, also known as the monthly menstruation. When the hormone is introduced to the body, either naturally from the fertilization of the egg, by an hCG secreting tumor, or via the hCG injections, menstruation is limited and sometimes even fully prevented. What Is The hCG Diet? There is now a new diet that allows women to take small doses of the hormone either via pills or an injection. The amount of hCG used in the treatment is very minuscule that it does not affect the results of a pregnancy test. However, there are some worries about how the injections and diets will affect the menstrual cycle. What Other Factors Affect The Menstrual Cycle? Aside from the addition of hCG, a woman’s monthly period is affected by other factors such as their amount of body fat. Body fat naturally produces estrogen, which is a menstruation regulator. Once the patient has started with the hCG diet and has begun to lose weight, their menstrual cycle will be affected. Everyone’s “Normal” Is Different Each body is unique, even when it comes to periods. It is fairly normal for some patients to worry or get scared when there is a sudden change in their menstrual period and the heaviness of their flow at the start of their hCG therapy. As long as you are seeing progress in weight loss and keep your doctor updated with your menstrual cycle, there is no need to worry. Is hCG A Type Of Contraception? No, although hCG does affect your period, the duration, and the heaviness of the flow, it is not a type of contraception. While it is known as the pregnancy hormone, the dose given is far too low to mimic pregnancy. It is highly advised that patients who are sexually active while going through with the hCG therapy still use contraceptives.

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