Get the Best Agreed Value Car Insurance Austin Texas Offers

Your classic or custom car needs a different type of insurance than you have for your daily driver. The car you use to commute needs a different type of insurance because you use it on a daily basis. When you want to get the best agreed value car insurance Austin Texas can provide, call us first to do the appraisal.

Before you purchase a policy, an appraisal is needed. The agreed value car insurance company will require an appraisal to verify the market value of your car. When you get an agreed value policy, you can get a settlement based on the agreed value of the vehicle. This amount is what you and the insurance company agree it’s worth. This is important should the vehicle be damaged.

A stated value insurance policy, on the other hand, has a clause that states that you will receive either the stated value of the vehicle, or the actual cash value of the vehicle, whichever is less. You will likely be paid the market value of your car (as determined by the insurance appraiser, who likely has little experience in appraising classic vehicles), which may well not be what it is actually worth.

When you get an agreed value policy, you may save quite a bit in premiums because you don’t drive the car every day, which reduces the chance that it will be damaged. You also probably keep it in a secure area, like a garage, so it’s not as likely to be stolen or vandalized. In addition to actually getting what your car is worth if it is damaged, you probably save a lot of money in premiums each year by purchasing an agreed value policy instead of a stated value policy.

Our appraisers will go over your vehicle inch-by-inch and will take detailed photographs of it. They will take lots of notes and access our database of comparable sales to determine an appropriate appraised value. They will take into consideration all the modifications and customizations that have been done to the vehicle, which is not likely to happen when you get a stated value policy where the insurance company appraises your vehicle.

When you’re looking for the best agreed value car insurance Austin Texas offers, you want to start the process by getting an independent appraisal that you can take to the insurance companies of your choice for quotes. You can get the right coverage at the right price when you have a current appraisal ready to submit to each insurance company. Let our experienced appraisers help you get the best coverage for your vehicle.

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