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Poker is a popular game played among people. Previously, they use to go to a brick and mortar casino and play limited games in limited times. But now online poker has evolved which is available 24 hours and seven days and people can play any time they prefer. There are many websites like agen sbobet where a lot of games are available. People just need to login to the account and start playing the game. Here are some of the rules of online poker.

How to win?

In most poker games, the winner is the one who has made the hand of higher rank. There are some games in which the hands of the lowest ranks are used to declare the winner. After the completion of the last round of betting, of only one player remains, he is declared as the winner and no showdown is done. In the case of more than one player, a showdown is done and the player wins the highest rank hand wins the game.

Types of hands

The hands in descending order from best to worst are listed here.

Royal flush

It is the best hand and consists of the cards A, K, Q, J, 10. All the cards should belong to one suit.

Straight flush

The cards should be arranged in sequence and all the cards should belong to a single suit.

Four of a kind

Four cards should be of the same rank and the fifth one can be of any rank.

Full house

In this hand, three cards are of the same rank and two cards of different ranks but their rank should also be the same.


The cards should belong to one suit but should not be in sequence.


The cards should be in sequence and belong to different suits.

Three of a kind

The ranks of the three cards are the same and the other two cards of different ranks. The rank of the other two cards should not be the same.

Two pair

In this hand, two cards of the same rank and two other cards also of the same rank but different from the first pair. The fifth card can be of any rank.

One pair

Two cards should be of the same rank and the ranks of the other three cards should be different from each other and the pair.

How to start?

Here we will talk about Texas Hold’em, which starts with forced bets called blinds. The player sitting to the left of the dealer has to place a small blind and the player next to him should place the big blind. The big blind is the minimum amount on which other players can take actions. 

Actions are taken by each player

There are five actions and a player can take only one action when his turn arrives.


The player who takes this action declines the chance of betting.


A player can take this action of nobody has placed a bet in the current round.


The player who takes this action has to forfeit the card and wait for another game.


If a bet has already been made, the next player can call the bet.


If a bet has already been made, the next player can raise the bet.

Wrapping up

These are some of the basic rules of poker which every poker player should know so that he can play from websites lie agen sbobet.

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