From Rookie to Pro Gamer: Building a Career in Esports

In recent years, competitive gaming has become one of the most lucrative careers in the market. The world of esports, where multiplayer video games are played in an organized environment, has attracted millions of fans and sponsors alike, bringing endless opportunities for profit.

If you’re thinking of building a career in gaming, follow these tips to help you get started:

Find your specialization 

To become a pro gamer, you’ll need to pick a game you love and stick with it. Not that you can’t be competitive in other games. It’s just easier and faster to reach a competitive level when you focus all your efforts on mastering one game. After all, only the most outstanding players will be qualified to join competitions and earn money.

Sharpening your skills from amateur to pro gamer takes commitment and hours of practice. Games like Call of Duty, DOTA 2, CS:GO, Fortnite, and LOL have the most competitive leagues out there. The great thing about these games is you can always find new ways to gain a competitive edge. Be on the lookout for new strategies and techniques. You may even have overlooked small details that can help optimize your skills. Take the time to learn from guides and tutorials available online.

Learn from live streamers 

To become an expert in your game, you can’t just rely on your own instincts and experience. You have to learn from the best, too. The rise of streaming channels like Twitch, HitBox, and Beam has allowed the average gamer to watch live competitions and analyze how esports pros play. It’s a great way to score important techniques you’ve never thought of before. From how they dodge attacks to how their actual gaming equipment is set up, taking a leaf out of their book can help you smash your competition.

Connect with other gamers 

Just like with other career paths, skills are not enough to get you to the top. You need the right connections and support group to help you improve your strategies and achieve your goals.

Networking is a vital part of being a pro gamer. Surrounding yourself with people who share your passion will keep you motivated. Apart from the extra gaming experience, networking also lets you see a game from different perspectives. Join gaming networks and find other gamers who you can practice with. Who knows, you might even meet prospective mentors and gain access to events and resources that will hasten your career development.

Invest in the right gear 

What’s the point in practicing for hours if your gear keeps lagging?

Whether your preferred gear is a PC or a console, your equipment must be set up for success. It needs to have sufficient bandwidth to respond to swift controls and process complex algorithms. If you want to practice esports anytime and anywhere, have an expert build a laptop with adequate RAM, a decent CPU, and a quality graphics processor.

For best results, aim for a monitor with at least 144Hz and a maximum of four millisecond response time. Choose a mouse built for ultimate precision and swift movements. Your mouse should also be suitable for your grip style to avoid discomfort even after hours of practice.

As with any career, being a pro gamer requires a proper work ethic. It’s not enough to have the best skills or tools. You’ll also need honesty, integrity, and the right communication skills to succeed with your teammates.

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