Four Reasons to Look for a Dog Board and Train Program

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Do you remember when you first made the decision to get a dog? Hopefully, most of your friends and family were supportive. However, there were probably those voices that still remain in the back of your mind. They likely said things like: “Are you really going to be able to train that dog?” And “You’ll end up with such a mess” and “What if you want to go on vacation? Who will watch your dog then?”

You heard all of those concerns, but in the end you brought your new best friend home anyway. And like most dog-owners, you don’t regret it an ounce. Your dog has a special place in your heart no matter what they do. Yet there are those times – when you discover the third pee puddle of the day, or you see your favorite new shoes chewed up, or when you are really tempted to say yes to that weekend getaway – that you wonder if those naysayers had a point. Being a pet parent is so rewarding, but it also has some pretty tough challenges. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone, and the skeptics never need to know. Here are four reasons to find a Chicago board and train program for your canine friend.

Your lack of free time won’t mean your dog goes untrained

You always mean to get around to training your dog, but life gets in the way. The truth is, training a dog takes hours of your time. And even more difficult, it requires absolute consistency. That means that you have to keep your trainer’s hat on so-to-speak at all times, even when you are utterly exhausted and overworked at the end of a long day. This is why sending your dog to a board and train program will save your time and your sanity. They will do the training so that you can focus on what matters most: showering your dog with love.

A professional can tackle any difficult behavioral problems

Just because you are a dog parent now, doesn’t mean you have all the answers. Chances are, your dog has some behaviors that really throw you for a loop. The good news is that this is perfectly normal. The bad news is, without the right expertise, you may not be able to help your dog overcome these behaviors by yourself. A highly experienced dog trainer can. Asking for help will spare both you and your dog frustration and help your best friend be the best they can be.

Your bond with your dog will grow deeper

You love your dog, but what holds your relationship back are communication struggles. You are trying to help your dog and do what’s best for them, but they don’t always understand or meet your expectations. Training bridges that gap. It helps your dog understand exactly what your expectations are and gives you the tools to speak in a way your dog will listen. However, this only works if the training is done caringly, correctly, and consistently which is easier said than done. A dog board and train program will ensure this happens and then teaches you how to harness that training. Pretty soon, you and your furry friend will be closer than ever.

You’ll forever have a trusted place to send your dog when you’re out of town

Finally, we return to that question that will forever stick in the back of your mind: what happens if I can’t watch my dog? Having a trusted place to send your dog is essential. Things will come up, be it work trips, funerals, weddings or even much needed vacations. If you have a dog board and train center to turn to, you can jet off while feeling reassured that your dog is being taken care of by professionals that you and your pet already trust.

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