Five cheapest places to purchase property on the Isle of Man

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5. Ballasalla

The village of Ballasalla is in the parish of Malew which is located in the south-east of the Isle of Man. This is quite close to the Airport on the Isle of Man and it is also only a short distance from the town of Castletown. Rushen Abbey is also close by and in fact Ballasalla developed around the Abbey. This Abbey is now under Cistercian control but it was originally for monks of the Congregation of Savigny. Nevertheless this abbey was an important centre not only of knowledge but also of literacy and because of this it also had some importance as an economic influence in the region. It was also the location of major annual market. Properties are available from £ 145,000 according to property experts Quick Property Buyer.

4. Eairy

The tiny hamlet of Eairy is located in the south of the Isle of Man. Eairy is in the parish of Arbory and in the region there are farms, houses and also an old chapel. There are several other towns in the region such as Colby and Ballabeg. The South Barrule hill as well as the hamlet of Grenaby is also close by. Another oddity in the region is between the Roundtable and Ronague on the A27 road and this involves a magical magnetic hill or a gravity hill. For some strange regions it appears to pull cars uphill when the vehicles are in neutral. Flats here will cost approximately £ 145,000.

3. Douglas

Douglas is not only the largest town on the Isle of Man but it is also the capital of the island. It has a population of just over 50,000 people and it is situated very close to the mouth of the River Douglas. The main commercial port and also the harbor of Douglas are lying in the River Douglas. In times past Douglas was always a small settlement and it was only more recently in fact during 18th century because of links with the English port of Liverpool that extensive expansion was seen. Properties are available from £ 97,000 if you want to sell your home quickly.

2. Ramsey

The coastal town of Ramsey is in the north of the Isle of Man. Apart from Douglas there is no other town which is larger than Ramsey on the Isle of Man. Approximately 8000 people are living in Douglas. This coastal town also has one of the biggest harbors on the island. There is also a well-known pier which is known as Queen’s Pier which is currently in the process of been restored. In times past Queen’s Pier was important as far as communications with Scotland was concerned. The Vikings and also Scotland use Ramsey is one of the primary routes for invasions. Apartments will cost approximately £ 94,000.

1. Peel

The seaside town of Peel is also a small fishing port located on the Isle of Man. It is part of the historic parish of German and this is the third largest town in the island. Only Ramsey and Douglas are larger. However it is only the fourth largest settlement because Onchan has the second largest population on the Isle of Man but strangely it is classified as a village. Close by on St Patrick’s Isle there is a ruined castle as well as a cathedral. According to Wales Cash Buyers, properties are available from £ 85,000.

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