Facial Rejuvenation; What to Know

Other than adding on your years, aging causes changes in your skin. The changes may make you feel uncomfortable and less attractive. The good thing is you can transform your appearance in a matter of time. And did you know you do not have to have cosmetic surgery? With facial rejuvenation McLean specialist, you can achieve your desired look with no downtime. Let’s look at the various ways you can rejuvenate your face.

What is facial rejuvenation?

It involves methods to eliminate aging signs, such as wrinkles and lines, and enhance a youthful appearance. Your provider at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center looks forward to enhancing your facial appearance through customized treatment plans.

They ensure to give you natural-looking results through noninvasive and minimally invasive techniques.

What cosmetic concerns can you eliminate with facial rejuvenation?

You can treat various skin defects using facial rejuvenation, including the following:

·         Fine lines

·         Age spots

·         Wrinkles

·         Sagging skin

·         Frown lines

·         Dull skin

·         Crow’s feet

·         Chin creases

·         Lost volume

·         Nasolabial folds

·         Eye bags

Facial rejuvenation treatments allow you to achieve youthful and fresh-looking skin. With Botox, you can even prevent wrinkles from forming.

What are the common facial rejuvenation treatments?

There are several available facial rejuvenation treatments at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center to reduce the appearance of aging signs.


They include Botox, Xeomin, Dysport, and Jeuveau. The neuromodulators work by mobilizing muscles where injected. They restrict the muscles from contracting.

By preventing muscle contraction, the skin doesn’t fold or wrinkle. Other than eliminating existing wrinkles, neuromodulators also prevent new wrinkles from forming.

You can use neuromodulators to treat wrinkles formed from repeated muscle movement. They also reduce the appearance of frown lines, laugh lines, or crow’s feet. However, neuromodulators do not eliminate wrinkles that form from lost volume.

Dermal fillers

They replace the lost volume to your skin. Dermal fllers include Juvederm, Radiesse, Bellafill, and Restylane. Dermal fillers fill increases and deep wrinkles.

Dermal fillers consist of gel-like substances.

Usually, the skin produces collagen, fat, and elastin that enhances skin firmness and flexibility. However, as you age, the production of collagen decreases, leading to the formation of hollows in your cheeks and jawbones.

Your provider injects dermal fillers into your skin to add on volume, enhancing the formation of plump skin. Besides rejuvenating your face, dermal fillers also enhance a more defined look by contouring your jaw and cheekbones.

What are the benefits of facial rejuvenation?

Here is what you get from using facial rejuvenation treatments.

Improved confidence

Looking good stimulates a good feeling about yourself. It also helps promote your confidence.

A younger and rejuvenated look

Aging signs can make you older and tired. Facial rejuvenation reverses the signs of aging, enhancing a youthful and refreshed appearance.

Natural, long-lasting results

Facial rejuvenation restores your natural appearance and allows you to enjoy the results for a few years.

No scarring

Unlike other cosmetic treatments that involve incisions, facial rejuvenation does not leave you with any scar, enhancing your natural appearance.

Facial rejuvenation involves treatments to enhance your facial appearance and eliminate aging signs. The treatments, including Botox and dermal fillers, are minimally invasive, delivering natural results. If you want to enhance your appearance, contact Sanctuary Cosmetic Center today to schedule your consultation.

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