Essential Requisites for the Best Psychotherapy Options

It is the care provided by a psychologist in order to treat personal issues such as emotional, behavioral, cognitive difficulties, etc.

Examples of emotional difficulties: Marriage crisis, decision-making difficulties, emotional trauma, difficulties in dealing with people, easy crying, sensitivities and irritability, difficulty in dating, difficulty in deciding which career path to follow, etc.

Examples of behavioral difficulties: Fear of public speaking, outbursts of anger, shyness, phobias, compulsion for food, drink or drugs, etc. For the counselling near me you can have the best support now.

Examples of cognitive difficulties: Depression or death thoughts, feeling persecuted, anxiety, etc.

What Is The Difference Between Psychologist And Psychotherapist

The psychotherapist is a clinical psychologist, that is, someone who, besides having graduated from psychology faculty, works in individual or group care, in an office. Therefore a psychologist working in HR would not be considered a psychotherapist. But it should be noted that there may be psychotherapists who do not have the faculty of psychology but a psychotherapy training course.

Is Psychotherapy A Time To Welcome And Vent My Problems?

There may be times when you will be comfortable venting, but psychotherapy is not limited to that. The great importance of psychotherapy is the intervention of the psychologist in order to work the issues brought to the process. Thus there may be days when the patient will leave the therapy with the feeling of lightness, but there may be days when the patient may have the feeling that he has worked a lot of inner content and reworked many concepts about himself or the world. Psychotherapy will not always offer a sense of comfort, but it may be possible that these moments are filled with important material which, while not being comfortable with such material, does not mean that the work of psychotherapy has not been important.

When Is The Right Time To Look For A Psychologist?

The one in which it is perceived that there may be damage in some area of ​​your life due to internal, emotional, psychological or behavioral issues.

Does Therapy Only Work For Those Who Want To Do Psychotherapy?

Just as it is not possible for a person who is sick to take medicine when he or she refuses to do so, it may not be possible for him or her to open up and enjoy the interventions of a psychotherapist when she is not ready to do so.

What Is The Difference Between Psychotherapist, Psychiatrist And Psychoanalyst?

The psychiatrist is a doctor and usually focuses on drug treatment.

The Psychotherapist is the professional who applies treatment techniques that involve emotional and / or behavioral issues.

The psychoanalyst, or psychoanalysis also acts in psychotherapy.

In Which Cases Can Psychotherapy Help?

In addition to the classic clinical cases like anxiety, depression, panic syndrome, etc. Counseling can be counted when:

  • Feel depressed
  • Want to develop social skills like public speaking, starting friendships
  • Sudden mood swings – one day very well, but the next day feels terrible
  • Baby blues
  • Difficulties in dealing with separation and / or relationships
  • Difficulty making decision
  • Need to repeat meaningless acts such as checking doors over and over, washing hands, etc.
  • Fears (of animals, plane, people, various situations)

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