Effective And Efficient Way Of Working

As a self-employed person, you often come into the temptation to behave less efficiently. There is a time knock on your door at regular intervals and in terms of distraction freelancers, solopreneurs and Co. have not always had it easy. Many entrepreneurs fight effectively through the day – they accomplish their tasks bit by bit and achieve their goals. At least they can say that they have done the right things to achieve their goals even if what they do is translate Thai to Japanese (แปลภาษาไทยเป็นญี่ปุ่น which is the term in Thai).

You Work Efficiently?

That’s good, that’s step one. Effective work is needed to achieve your goals in the first place. Everything else is like the Google search results on page 2 – they just do not count.

It would not be wise and sensible to work on efficiency if you have not reached the point where you work effectively. It is important that you first learn to reach your goals effectively – goals that help you to move forward. Then you can dedicate yourself to efficiency.

If you are effective – then you can make your work more efficient. Do not only rejoice that you are achieving your goals but questioning day by day how they were reached is important.

  • Through a lot of time?
  • Through a lot of money?
  • Through many nerves?

Much of it is unnecessary. If you spend too much time completing your tasks, you may need to plan better and plan your strategy more extensively. On the other hand, if you invest too much money, then it might make sense to rethink the strategy and calculate the cost-effectiveness by not delegating some parts of your tasks but learning them yourself. Or does the execution of your tasks cost you too many nerves? Then it can also be that something blocks you and therefore stresses you so that you feel it as nerve-wracking, which is also not efficient.

Whatever it is. As soon as you work effectively, you should take a close look at your working methods, your Admin line and filter for yourself which areas you can design more efficiently in the future and thus more economically (temporally, nervously and financially).


If somebody tells you how efficient he is in the future, then you can smile and ask if he also works effectively at the same time. If he does not respond to the fact that efficiency requires effectiveness, then he either did not understand efficiency or does things right, but not the right things. Have fun!

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