Does Your Air Conditioner Need A Tune Up Every Year?

For those of you who are looking to get more out of your air conditioner, the question on your minds might be whether or not you need to have it tuned up on an annual basis. After all, yearly maintenance can be vital to ensuring that your AC is working when you need it most, while preserving its energy efficiency and keeping the warranty valid.

So if you really want to know, the answer is yes. Your air conditioner should be getting a tune up from your local air conditioning company in charlottesville va on a yearly basis. We have a number of reasons to explain why this is the case and how you and your air conditioner can benefit from having a yearly tune up:

Prepare it for the Summer

If you haven’t run your air conditioner for the entire fall and winter months, you may find that after you switch it on once the temperatures rise, your AC won’t be running at peak performance. But with a preliminary tune up before the heavy use for the summer ahead, you can be sure that your air conditioner is running as efficiently and trouble-free as possible.

Maintenance Costs are Cheaper than Repairs

A tune up can alert you to any potential problems that might arise in the near or distant future. Problems that could very likely result in the air conditioner breaking down at the worst possible time, when it’s 95 degrees outside and you and your family are feeling the heat.

Without an air conditioner, you are going to be miserable but you can avoid those unexpected surprises by giving your the AC unit a tune up ahead of the peak summer heatwave. That way you can try to diagnose problems that can be solved with a quick check up from a trained expert, before they turn into issues that require a repair job. You’ll be saving money and avoiding those hot summer days and nights without relief.

Warranty Concerns

An annual tune up can go a long way to preserving the manufacturer’s warranty on your air conditioner. More companies are offering limited warranties on their products but these warranties can be rendered void if you don’t follow the instructions on the warranty to the letter.

Part of those instructions include having routine maintenance performed on your air conditioner on a regular basis. That means having it done once a year and if you fail to do the bare minimum where a tune up is concerned, the company who sold you the air conditioning unit will not provide you with the replacement parts needed to repair the unit.

So be sure to check your warranty to see just how important a routine maintenance tune up can be when you are trying to keep your warranty in good standing with the manufacturer. These policies may seem a bit strict but they are designed to urge you to get that much-needed annual tune up so your unit runs longer and repairs won’t be necessary.

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