Common Places Where Most Bicycle Accidents Happen

Even minor bicycle accidents can cause severe damage to an individual as there is very little protection while riding a bike. However, the injuries after the accident can restrict a standard of life for a person as it limits their ability to move and perform daily activities. The person might even have to stop working for a long time which can create a massive gap in their income. So it is best to seek financial aid with the help of an Atlanta bicycle accident attorney.

A bicycle accident attorney will help you claim your damages after the accident. You can settle with the other party or deal with them in court. Nevertheless, the better way is to resolve the matter outside court as it will cost both parties less, and the final decision is in your hand instead of a judge or jury. 

Common places where most bicycle accidents happen 

  1. Intersections 

Intersections are the most prevalent places for pedestrians and bicycle accidents. The common mistake most people make while crossing an intersection is not checking all the directions from where a vehicle can emerge. Many people, while driving, are in a hurry, being negligent or distracted, which can lead to bicycle accidents.

Moreover, sometimes drivers also drive under the influence of a substance of alcohol which might lead to severe accidents. However, in a bicycle accident, significant damage is always caused to the bicycle rider and not the car driver. So if you ride on the road, being extra careful at intersections is a must.

  1. Driveways and highways

Several bicycle accidents occur on highways or driveways for various reasons. The most common reasons are either the driver is at high speed or is distracted while driving. In both cases, the accident can result in the death of a bicycle rider as the vehicles on driveways or highways are at high speed.

High-speeding vehicles take time to stop or even gain control at a slow pace. While it is possible if the driver notices you from a long distance, if the driver sees you even a little late, it can cost you your life. 

  1. Straight stretch streets 

If you live in a neighborhood with several straight stretch street vehicles, there might go at higher speeds than usual. This is because the drivers get a clear road to drive, so they go at high speeds from time to time. However, riding a bicycle is extremely dangerous for you to ride on the road. So following the sidewalk is better to avoid bicycle accidents or mishaps.

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