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Victims and their families require extra support when someone they love is involved in a suicide, homicide, or traumatic death. We offer the best trauma scene cleanup Topeka Kansas offers, and we partner with local authorities, emergency services personnel, victims’ services groups, apartment communities, and other organizations to expertly clean up the scene of a traumatic incident. 

When instances like these occur, the situations are biohazardous and require more than just a simple cleanup crew. Our technicians have finished a comprehensive training and certification program to handle, remove, transport, and dispose of biohazardous waste. They follow very specific laws for the cleanup of biohazardous situations, and we follow them to the letter to minimize the risk of infection to anyone who enters the scene of the incident. 

Our clients are our main priorities. We serve them with the utmost respect, compassion, and care, and we provide a practical service that is necessary to help them onto their journeys to healing. We value our clients’ privacy and confidentiality, and we work with a light footprint as we are working in their living spaces and places of business. Discreet work and being finished in just a few hours are our hallmarks. Our work is thorough and leaves no detail unattended. 

We disinfect every surface and item we can because this is critical to creating a safe space for people to enter. Discarding what cannot be cleaned is also critical to making the area safe. Our goal is to restore a space to its original condition so that it can be safely used again, but, sometimes, we can’t do that because some item or material is too contaminated. We remove it safely so that it can be replaced. This is often the case with flooring or drywall. If we don’t discard it, the risk of infection is present. 

When we are called, we typically arrive in an hour if the situation is critical. The cleanup process does not take long, but we don’t sacrifice quality for speed. Safety is the most important priority in the cleanup process. We are available to you any time of the day or night, and we are happy to offer the best trauma scene cleanup Topeka Kansas can provide. If you find yourself in need of our services, please call us. We’ll be happy to help. 

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