British Shopping Guide

Traditionally, shopping in Britain is concentrated on the streets. The main route through cities and towns across the country. In and around these streets, you can find shops, cafes, bars and other places of fun. These towns and city centers have good public transportation and convenient parking lots.

However, in recent decades, some retailers have moved out of central areas. They moved to dedicated retail parks on the edge of cities and towns. Here, you will find many large retailers. Such as furniture, DIY and electrical appliances stores and fast food restaurants. Some cities have regional shopping centers in the suburbs. Such as Medo Hall in Sheffield and Trafford Center in Manchester. This includes many domestic and global fashion retailers and other leisure resorts.

In general, shops in Britain are open at around 08:00 or 09:00 and until 17:00 or 18:00 on weekdays and Saturdays. In rural areas, although this practice is disappearing, shops may close on Wednesday and/or Saturday afternoons. In larger towns, you will find that most shops are postponing their business hours until around 21: 00. Public transport and parking lots are usually cheaper at night, which may be a good way to save money. British trade laws restrict the Sunday business hours of most shops in Britain. It is not surprising to see the largest department store or DIY warehouse close at 16: 00 or 17: 00 on Sunday.

British department stores sell a wide range of products. From clothes and accessories to household electronics and sports equipment. There are many restaurants, cafes and bars for shoppers to choose from. Traditionally, department stores are located in prominent positions in the city center. But some department stores are outside the city.

For many foreigners, British department stores are reminiscent of major stores in London. Selling everything you may want to buy. World-famous names such as Harrods and Liberty have attracted tourists from all over the world. However, the capital is home to flagship stores such as Selfridges Harvey Nichols, John Lewis and Marks & Spencer.

Outside London, Selfridge Department Store has stores in Manchester and Birmingham. And Harvey Nichols has stores in Leeds, Edinburgh and other places. John Lewis has 48 bases nationwide, while Marks & Spencer runs about 300 department stores. Other department stores in the UK include Debenhams, House of Fraser and Primark. Regional and independent department stores all over the country can be found.

Looking for modern gadgets suitable for your home? In Britain, whether you need the latest TV or the brand-new lawn mower. It is simple to find it within the brand range all over the world. Most large supermarkets sell a series of basic household electronic products. (including televisions, printers, etc.) But department stores like John Lewis offer a wide variety of electronic products. Such as fridges, freezers, ovens, etc.

If you are looking for a dedicated electronics store, try Currys PC World, Euronics or Hughes. These shops often have news that laptop for sale in UK. In addition, Argos, a catalog-based retailer, sells a series of electrical products. Including a large number of other products. For audio products such as headphones and speakers, the best choice is a specialty store like Bose. If you are looking for a mobile phone, you will find the personal stores of the largest manufacturers and operators in most large towns.

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