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Are you somebody dreaming of becoming an engineer? Well, in orderto study Engineering in top notch Universities in India the candidate needs to appear for the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) which isan Engineering Entrance test in India.

It is a standardized examination for admission to various engineering Institutes in India. To be able to score in this exam or to reach the cut-off marks the candidate requires to set aside a time dedicated only for studying the concepts of the subjects matter thoroughly, learn and practice almost everything becomes crystal clear for answering the questions given. To clear the exam, thefoundations of all thesubjects in the syllabus need to be thoroughly understood to be able to apply the conceptsin the problems.

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Almost everyone searches for the best possible ways of how to prepare this exam. The Innovation Institute Jaipur can possibly give the candidate best insights and tricks to clear this exam. It is considered as one of the best Coaching institute for IIT-JEE preparation. Joining this coaching institute is an initiative that can help the candidate move forward with their preparation.

On top of coaching class, textbooks are also a source of many knowledge-based information. Many books have been written and published now by experienced experts in the subjects. Books not just on theory and concepts but also solution books which contains tons of questions and answers related to JEE.

Here are some of the Best Books:


Sl no.Organic ChemistryInorganic chemistryPhysical chemistry
1.     Organic chemistryMorrison & BoydConcise Inorganic chemistryJ.D LeeUniversity ChemistryBruce Mahan
2.     organic chemistrySolomons & FryhleTextbook for Inorganic chemistry for competitorsOP Tandon  Modern Approach to Chemical CalculationsRC Mukherjee
3.     A guide to mechanism in organic chemistryPeter Sykes  Numerical ChemistryP Bahadur
  • The “Organic Chemistry” written give crystal clear explanation of different theories and conceptsby Morrison and Boydrelated to Chemistry.
  • The book by Solomons & Fryhle on the other is well-known book that guides student with important assets for preparation of Engineering Entrance Examination.
  • Peter Sykes’ book is however, one of books suggested books by almost all JEE Toppers.
  • D Lee’s book help in overcomingalmost all problems related to Inorganic Chemistry. It is one of the best books forpreparation of JEE, other entrance exams and as reference book.
  • Textbook for Inorganic chemistry for competitors by OP Tandon helps students understanding new concepts and theories clearly. It contains both theoretical and numerical information that can properly guide students in their JEE preparation.
  • Another book by Bruce Mahan as given in the table helps in building the foundation of the students which is essential for JEE preparation and other competitive examination.
  • RC Mukherjee’s Chemistry book is another good book for Physical Chemistry especially for numerical problems.
  • Another Physical Chemistry book byP Bahadur which consists of both solved and unsolved numerical problems is very helpful for JEE Preparation.


Mathematics can be a scoring subject, or it can be a subject which reduces your score.

Some Important Books for IIT JEE calculus include:

Sl noBooksAuthors/Publications
1.     Integral Calculus for IIT JEEAmit Agarwal
2.     Calculus and Analytic GeometryThomas & Finney
3.     Differential Calculus for IIT JEEAmit Agarwal
4.     Books for Trigonometry, Geometry, Algebra, and PNC, Probability-Coordinate Geometry for IIT JEEAuthor SK Goyal
5.     Problems in Calculus of One VariableI.A Maron
6.     Algebra for JEE Main, Vectors & 3D Geometry, and Trigonometry for JEE Main.Arihant Publications books
7.     Course in Mathematics for IIT JEETMH Publications book
8.     Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications Vol I and II for JEE Main & AdvancedWilliam Feller


Physics is the one challenging subject which many students require proper guidance.

 Here are some of the best books for Physics 

Sl no.BooksAuthors/Publications
1.     Mechanics Part I & IIDC Pandey
2.     Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Waves & ThermodynamicsDC Pandey
 Understanding Physics Electricity and MagnetismDC Pandey

However, for proper guidance on top of using some of these books, you need to make sure of preparing it hard that would help in achieving success in the exam.

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