Alternative and Effective Cancer Treatment Options

Cancer has not only claimed several lives, but it continues to be a global disaster. Are you aware that every one in eight deaths results from cancer? Several factors put you at risk of different types of cancer, including obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, and more. Though cancer is prevalent, there are effective treatments, and it is preventable. The Salt Lake City integrative oncology specialist at Integrative Medica offers comprehensive and customized treatments for various types of cancer. This article will look more into what oncology involves and how it works.

What is integrative oncology?

It is an alternative approach to treating cancer using comprehensive and complementary techniques. Integrative oncology combines conventional and alternative therapies to treat cancer, alleviate or eliminate symptoms, and restore your wellbeing and life quality.

Integrative oncology looks at your body as one connected system. The team at Integrative Medica includes your whole person in the picture while offering integrative oncology. They absorb your physical and emotional health and immune system while creating your treatment plan.

Integrative oncology ensures your therapies are helpful even after your cancer treatment. Besides, it offers preventive treatments to protect you from cancer in the future.

Reasons you might need integrative oncology?

The following reasons may lead you to choose integrative oncology.

·         To manage your symptoms, including pain and fatigue

·         To enhance the productivity of the cancer treatments, like radiation and chemotherapy

·         To reduce the stress that results from cancer treatment

·         To minimize the side effects of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy

Integrative oncology might also be a good option if you want conservative options. In addition to treating your cancer, they support and strengthen your body’s immune system.

You might also go for integrative oncology if you didn’t respond well to traditional cancer therapies, like radiation.

What treatments does integrative oncology involve?

The team at Integrative Medica offers a thorough evaluation, including performing a physical exam and lab testing to determine what might be the cause of your cancer. They then create an individualized treatment plan to target your specific issues.

Your treatment plan may include the following therapies.

·         High dose IV Vitamin C

·         Ultraviolet blood irradiation

·         Ozone therapy

·         IV artesunate

·         IV glycyrrhizic acid

·         Botanical medicine

·         IV vitamin mineral bags

·         Vitamins and supplements

·         Mistletoe therapy

·         Medical nutrition

·         IV glutathione

·         Osseous and soft tissue manipulation

·         Healthy lifestyle changes, like sleep and stress management

Usually, your provider will discuss your integrative oncology options with you and assist you in finding the best therapy option.

What are the benefits of integrative oncology?

Here is why you should choose integrative oncology as your ideal cancer treatment option.

·         It involves treatment options that have fewer side effects and risk of complications

·         Supports your body’s natural systems and processes

·         Patient-centered care

·         Focuses on promoting your immune system and supporting detoxification pathways

·         It includes more natural treatment options, including nutrients, natural vitamins, and antioxidants

·         Aims to improve your life quality and manage your symptoms

You do not have to endure the effects that come with cancer treatments. Integrative oncology gives you a safer and more effective option for treating cancer. Contact Integrative Medica to schedule your consultation today.

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