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Vinyl is a great option if you want to give your car new looks, and it is affordable to boot. You can find a vinyl wrap that matches your car’s color, or you can get creative and make other designs like the picture of the owl above. It is also extremely durable and can withstand scratches, smudges, and some collisions with others. You can put it on almost any car that has a correct selection of adhesive. You can find different types of vinyl in different colors to suit your taste and preferences. 

You will need:

  • Vinyl Sheets: These are the sheets that go on top of the body of your car. 
  • Adhesive: This is the glue that will hold your vinyl onto your car.
  • Instrument Panel: This is a small piece of plastic that goes in between the headlining and dashboard of your car.
  • Instructions:  Vinyl wrap installation is a very quick and easy process. It can be completed in an hour or less. If you want to install your vinyl wrap on another part of your vehicle, such as the hood or trunk, you will need to clean these parts and make sure that they are free from dirt and oil. You can use a solvent to clean them if necessary. You should then stick the vinyl where it needs to go before sticking it on, as this way you will be able to make any needed adjustments before actually sticking it on for good.

Different type of vinyl wrap:

1. Cast Vinyl: This is a cling vinyl that resembles paint and comes in a variety of textures, patterns, or solid colors

2. Calendered Vinyl: This is another type of cling vinyl that casts smooth and retains the consistency of the original sheet.

3. Graphic Printed Vinyl: This is a colored vinyl with an image printed onto it. It can be applied to anything from walls to cars using special methods.

4. Satin blue wrap: This satin blue wrap is a vinyl wrap that comes in many different colors, and it is extremely easy to apply. It is also very durable and shows minimal signs of wear under normal conditions.

5. Wrap Material/Film: This is a non-adhesive vinyl in the form of film that can be cut to fit any shape. It is strong, flexible, and can be applied with spray adhesive or by hand.

6. Vinylux: This is an adhesive-backed vinyl created by 3M and produced by 3M’s Vinyl & Graphics division. It goes on smoothly, wipes clean, and features a highly reflective surface that allows it to be used in dark areas where a smooth vinyl might not stand out well enough.

There are three main types of materials used to manufacture these vinyl wraps:

  • Brushed Metallic
  • Glossy Laminate
  • Matte Laminate

7. 22k Gold/Real Silver:  This metal vinyl is the same as the brushed or gloss laminates, but it is a heavier gauge and has a higher shine than the other types of metallic vinyl. 22k gold vinyl is commonly used to make car windows, but it can sometimes be used to make decals or even full-body wraps. This non-adhesive type of wrap is made from film that can be cut to fit any shape and is strong, flexible, and can be applied with spray adhesive or by hand.  Explore Alibaba Blog to know more. 

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