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GTA or Grand Theft Auto is a very popular video game that has garnered a ton of positive reviews not just because of its graphics but also for its unique and thrilling storyline or plot. The game was developed by Rockstar North and was published by its parent company, Rockstar Games. 

What is the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto?

Grand Theft Auto is a series of games that are inspired by motor vehicle theft. This game is not for minors because of its graphic content. The storyline of each part of the series vary but the premise is for the main characters to survive and thrive in the criminal underworld. 

The player will have to control the main characters or protagonists and guide them through different missions with set objectives. The latest GTA series is GTA V which is set in the fictional place of San Andreas and is inspired by the scenery in Southern California. 

The plot of GTA V revolves around the intricate lives of the 3 main characters: 

– Franklin Clinton (a known street gangster)

– Michael De Santa ( a retired bank robber)

– Trevor Philips ( a gun runner and drug dealer) 

The 3 characters have distinct personalities but their lives will be intertwined like a twist of fate. They have to go through scary heists and fight the criminal underworld and even venture into the world of movie-making. The story in itself is like a typical Hollywood movie but what makes it different is that the player can control the game. 

GTA V as well as with the other games in the franchise can be played on a personal computer or any gaming device. There has yet to be a development in terms of gta 5 mobile on whether it can now be downloaded on mobile devices like Android or iOS. However, players can check out 3rd party mobile apps wherein they can gain access to the game for their mobile devices. 

Advantages of playing the game on a mobile device 

Many avid players prefer to enjoy their games on a widescreen TV with a surround sound system. This gives them a more relaxing and enjoyable time with their games but playing the game on a mobile device also has its perks. 

The most common advantage when playing on your mobile phone is that you get to enjoy the game wherever you are at any given time of the day. This allows you to have complete and easy access to the game which can help you pass away the time during long commutes or when you are simply bored. 

Mobile phone gamers won’t get left behind in terms of updates on the system. Any form of updates on the game such as added features or missions can be easily done when you are using your mobile device. As long as you have a stable Internet connection and your device meets the system requirements, then your update is basically good to go making the process easy and more convenient. 

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