9 Things To Remember When Riding A Cab In The UK

In the past, when people traveled, they usually stayed in their own country. However, with the rise of international travel, people are going all over the world. The trouble is that a different place can have different customs. One of these is in getting a taxi. When getting Mini Cabs in New Malden it is a lot different from hiring a cab in New York.

New Malden Near Me Taxi services are at a premium because of the nearby airports. So if you want to travel quickly and comfortably, then a taxi is the best choice. But to get the best possible service, you will need to know how to properly treat them. Here are the nine things you need to remember to ensure that your taxi experience in the UK is a good one.

Flagging Down

When getting a taxi it is possible to just flag one down or call ahead. If you plan to go to the street and flag a taxi, then take note of taxis that have their hire light on. This means that they are available. A simple wave of the hand should be enough to get their attention.

Getting On Properly

Now that you have gotten a taxi, it is time for you to get on. The first step is to tell your destination. Just lean to the closest front window and say where you are going. Then you can climb in. If you are at a taxi rank, always go for the first cab in the line.

Once you’re in, you’ll notice there is a partition. You don’t need to lean in to talk to the driver. There is an intercom to facilitate the conversation.

Another thing to remember is not to enter the front nearside door. This is not where passengers are supposed to go. Only drivers are in the front of the car – a carryover of the days when cabs had horses to feed and had to keep the oats and hay handy.

Terms of Address

When dealing with the driver, always call them “cabbie” or “driver” and possibly “sir.” You don’t want to be too familiar with your driver and your driver will be offended if you do try it.


British cabbies are a different breed from New York cabbies. The watchword when talking to one is to try to be polite and inoffensive as possible. Try not to discuss anything controversial to ensure that you will have a pleasant ride with your driver.

The Route

The route to where you’re going is mostly up to your driver. Cabbies often know the best route for you to take and they are better informed than someone from abroad. If you need to drop by somewhere, specify this to the driver.

Knowing Proper Driver Behavior

Local cabbies have different styles. However, at the very minimum, they need to be professional and aim to deliver you to your destination efficiently and quickly.

Be A Considerate Rider

Try not to make a mess in the backseat. It would also be good to not be drunk when you flag down a taxi.

Prompt Payment

It is also your responsibility to pay quickly and with the right amount of money. Aim to give an amount that doesn’t force your cabbie to give too much change.

Proper Tipping

Always add a tip. For an average trip, ten to fifteen percent should be enough. For longer ones, add a bit more.

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