7 practical tips for choosing a criminal defence lawyer in New Westminster

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When facing criminal charges in New Westminster, it is critical that you find a competent lawyer to work on your defense. Whether it is a grave charge like assault or manslaughter or a driving offense, you need legal representation. You don’t need any random lawyer but someone with a credible profile. The right lawyer can get the charges dropped or reduced, and depending on the situation, they can also advise on a plea bargain. In this post, we are sharing quick tips to choose a New Westminster criminal defence lawyer.  

  1. Look for a responsive lawyer. Time is everything after your arrest, and you have no reason to wait for an attorney. You should be able to talk to the lawyer immediately, preferably within a day. Look for other options if the lawyer doesn’t return your calls. 
  2. The lawyer should specialize in criminal law. While it is not necessary for an attorney to practice criminal law alone, it should be their specialization. Check the level of involvement they have with this area of law, which will allow you to understand whether they are updated on everything. 
  3. Choose a local lawyer. You need an attorney who focuses on criminal law in New Westminster. Local courts have different ways of functioning, and you should find someone who is well-versed with the system and knows people who are regular at these courts. 
  4. Check reviews. The internet is your best resource for comparing criminal lawyers. Check social media sites and Google to find listings and reviews of top firms in your area. You can sort lawyers based on what other clients have to say about them. 
  5. Ask around. If you know friends, family members, and other people who have worked with criminal law attorneys in the past, get referrals. You may not have the time to do detailed research, especially if you have been arrested, and therefore, known names are always handy. 
  6. Consider the pricing. Most law firms charge a fixed hourly rate for defending clients dealing with criminal charges, but you must know every aspect of the pricing in advance. You may have to pay a retainer fee too, and it is pertinent to choose an attorney you can afford. 
  7. Check if they can go to trial. While criminal lawsuits don’t always end up at trial in New Westminster, you should consider hiring a lawyer with the confidence to defend you in court. 

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