5 Benefits of Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

Your child might be lucky if they have naturally aligned teeth that look beautiful, but most children might need braces to align their teeth. You can start aligning their teeth earlier in childhood before they lose the temporary teeth and later in the teenage years when they have lost all their teeth. The Brooklyn two-phase treatment, which occurs over a long period, perfectly aligns the teeth with jaw issues and treats other issues, such as sleep apnea. It may prevent the recurrence of oral issues and improve oral health in the long run. These are the benefits of the two-phase orthodontic treatment for your child.

Aligns the Teeth Effectively and Reduce Jaw Problems

The jaw structure might be associated with dental misalignment in children, as a smaller jaw might not fit all the teeth which grow on the arch. Most people develop dental misalignment due to smaller jaws which cannot host all the teeth. Therefore the two-phase treatment expands the upper jaw creating more room for the teeth. The dentist will examine the jaw structure and recommend the two-phase treatment, which expands the jaw in childhood and align the teeth in the teenage. Therefore, the treatment is effective for aligning the teeth and restructuring the jaw,

Works for Almost All Children

This treatment works for almost all children, as the dentist diagnoses those with smaller jaws and those predisposed to severe dental misalignment. They recommend the right two-phase treatment, which expands the jaw in childhood, as the jaw structure is easy to restructure at this age. Once they restructure the jaw, one might have perfectly aligned teeth as they fit in the jawbone. Additionally, restructuring the jawbone might improve your appearance as it reshapes the face.

Reduces Crookedness, And Cavities

Dental crookedness is associated with misaligned teeth which don’t have enough space on the jawline. Unfortunately, the crooked teeth might form crevices that collect food particles. The hard-to-reach crevices might become difficult to clean, resulting in the growth of harmful bacteria which cause cavities. The cavities might develop from damage to the enamel, which occurs as the bacteria in your mouth releases acids that strip away the enamel layer. Furthermore, deep cavities affect the tooth’s root damaging the pulp and the nerve endings.

Prevents Gum Issues

Two-phase treatments deal with gum disease, which tends to develop due to teeth misalignment. The misalignment predisposes the gums to bacterial growth as the crevices might collect food particles that feed the bacteria. Additionally, crooked teeth predispose the teeth to uneven bites, which affect the gums. Additionally, two-phase treatment might eliminate oral odors.

 It Improves Your Appearance

The two-phase orthodontic treatment improves your appearance as it alters the jaw structure. The jaws determine the shape of the face, and reshaping the jaws during the two-phase treatments might improve your appearance and facial structure.

Children might develop misaligned teeth due to issues such as jaw structure, and the traditional aligners might not alleviate the misalignment. Thus you should let your child get the orthodontic two-phase treatment which involves aligning the teeth in the early stages before they lose the temporary teeth and later at tonnage. The treatment expands smaller upper jaws, aligns the teeth, and deals with oral odors. It prevents cavities, crookedness, and oral odors associated with misaligned teeth. Thus, the treatment is effective in improving general health outcomes.

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