4 Career Options For A Vet Technician

Taking up any of the vet technician programs Ontario universities offer can open up different career paths for you. Since it is fairly common for people across different fields to sometimes feel like they need a change in their career path, knowing all your options as a vet tech will give you a better glimpse of your future. If you are worried about feeling stuck and stagnant in your line of work, you shouldn’t. These are just some options you can explore as a certified vet technician:

1 – Become A Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner

As a certified veterinary pain practitioner or a CVPP, you are trained and educated on how to help patients manage their pain. Many animal hospitals want to do their best to ensure the animals in their care do not feel pain which means there is a very high demand for a CVPP. Aside from being the typical vet tech, additional CVPP training will make you a specialist in a specific field, giving you an advantage when looking for work.

2 – Training For A Specialization

General vet technician programs Ontario universities offer is a good first step towards becoming a specialist in a specific field within vet medicine. Students can focus on becoming a surgeon, dentist, or animal rehabilitation specialist to give them more options when looking for work. Many general practice animal hospitals are always looking for a specialist to add to their team because they offer skills and services no one else can.

If you are looking to stand out from all other applicants and want to add to your set of skills, additional specialization training is a great option for your career as a vet tech.

3 – Teaching

Not everyone who graduates with a vet technician degree becomes a vet tech as their profession. One career path that is less explored because it requires more years of study is becoming a vet tech teacher or professor. It is a long and hard road to find a program that fits your expertise, but you can get all the experience from volunteer work and additional courses via online classes.

The key to becoming a vet tech professor is to have a long list of hands-on experiences plus classroom learning. It is hard work, but one that is worth it to become a certified teacher as well as a licensed vet technician.

4 – Community Outreach/ Volunteer Head

Extend your services towards animals in need by starting your very own outreach program or by volunteering at the local shelter. This may not be a paying career path, but helping pet owners and their pets free of charge can change so many lives along the way. This path might even be the start towards your very own non-profit organization for the local community.

There is nothing wrong with starting out as a general vet technician practitioner and staying at the same level for years. For those who want to seek other options and opportunities there are several doors worth exploring as a certified vet tech that will lead to a fulfilled life.

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