10 Hotel Booking Mistakes You Should Definitely Avoid

We all love booking beautiful hotels on holidays and vacations for these hotels are what provide us with utmost comfort and convenience. They are what gives us space to relax and enjoy. But did you know you must be making several mistakes while booking hotels, regardless of the hotel you are booking with? Yes! We all do as we forget to pay heed to certain things while we book hotels. You must have had a bad hotel booking experience at some point in time. It’s not like we do not try to book the best hotel, however, it is that we overlook certain things and do not pay attention to things that should be . So, here we are listing down the top 10 hotel booking mistakes we should avoid.

Not Asking for the Description of the Room

Whether or not you have seen the pictures of the room on the internet or the hotel app from where you have booked your hotel, it is always recommended to call the customer executive and get all the details and information about the room. You must know what kind of facilities the hotel is providing and how spacious the room is. This would surely enhance your travel experience.

Not Booking with an Online Hotel App

You must always use an online hotel app to book your hotel. You can download apps like MakeMyTrip to book luxury as well as budget accommodations. These apps help you get seasonal deals and promotional discounts regularly. You can also avail last-minute deals, easy EMI options, 24*7 customer support, and several benefits. With apps like MakeMyTrip, you can also get a lot of bank and credit card offers.

Ignoring Refund and Cancellation Policy

You should not ignore the refund and cancellation policy of the hotel or the travel app you are booking with. Go through it and check if there are zero cancellation charges or not. Also, make sure the amount you are paying is refundable when you book hotels. It would help you save your money in case you have to cancel your travel plans.

Not Checking the Location of the Hotel

You wouldn’t want to get stuck in a lonely lane where you have nothing to look forward to or an overcrowded locality where you step out and feel chaos all around. Hence, make sure the locality of your hotel is good and everything, ranging from shopping markets to major attractions, are within minimum distance.

Booking the Hotel without Checking the Facilities

How can you confirm with the hotel staff about the facilities the hotel is offering its guests? We book hotels for comfort and convenience and if that is missing there, there is no point in booking the hotel. So, make sure your room is spacious and the hotel has in-house restaurant, 24*7 room service, parking spaces, laundry service, safety and other basic amenities.

Not Enquiring About Food Options

Imagine you have booked the hotel for your vacation and later on you get to know, it doesn’t serve the basic delicacies you look forward to savouring on the holiday. Or it doesn’t even have any in-house restaurant or cafe to serve you food. Wouldn’t it be heartbreak for you? Hence, make sure you enquire about food options available at the hotel.

Not Giving Attention to Check-in and Check-out Timings

You should know the check-in and check-out timings of the hotel very well so that you can plan your trip accordingly. Otherwise you will have to spend some extra amount for early check-in and late check-out. If you know the timings, you would be able to plan the itinerary wisely.

Booking Hotel Without Checking Travellers’ Photos

You should not just rely on the pictures the hotel usually puts on its website or the hotel app. You should always check the travellers’ photos so that you know how authentic the hotel looks. You can check travellers’ photos on hotel apps like MakeMyTrip.

Not Checking Hotel Reviews

How can you just book a hotel without checking the rating and reviews on the internet? It sometimes happens that we often look at the pictures and book the hotel directly without reading through reviews. It is a bad practice for those wishing to have the best hotel experience.

Not Comparing Prices

You should check prices of the hotel you are booking on multiple sites. You can download multiple apps like MakeMyTrip and Goibibo and compare prices given on them. It would really help you save a lot of money.

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