Workers’ Comp Investigations in Cedar Rapids: How Much Time It Will Take to Complete It

How long a workers’ compensation investigation in Cedar Rapids can take depends on factors that influence every claim. Employers in the city are required to carry workers’ comp insurance to protect their workers when they sustain on-the-job injuries. Although providers of private insurance issue this insurance, the administration, and provision are governed by state law. Also, workers’ comp insurance is administered by the Iowa Division of Workers’ Compensation. Even if the system is in place, completing a workers’ comp investigation can take a long time. If you have filed a workers’ comp claim after sustaining a work-related injury, you should hire a Cedar Rapids workers’ comp lawyer to help you navigate through the complicated legal process. 

Who Approves and Denies Workers’ Comp Claims?

Cedar Rapids employees can pick policies from private insurance providers or insure themselves with the approval of the state. Often, self-insured employers must prove they are financially stable and have significant assets because they will need to pay out workers’ comp claims by themselves. 

When a worker files a claim, the latter will be approved or denied by either the self-insured employer or the insurer of the employer. Before the claims process is completed, an investigation into the claim will be performed by either party. 

How Much Time It Will Take to Complete an Investigation?

In the state of Iowa, employees must report their work-related injuries or illnesses to their employers within 90 days after the discovery of their condition. Failure to report will disqualify them from getting workers’ comp benefits. Also, workers have 2 years to file a claim and start seeking benefits. 

After the initial claim is filed, the investigation will start. The investigators will look for proof of the seriousness of the injury and that it was sustained on the job. So, you can expect the investigator to speak with you and your employers to know more about your work injury. Also, they will review your medical records, accident reports, and documents that prove lost wages. As a claimant, you need to cooperate with the insurer as well as give them the documentation and information they ask for.

Waiting for the Insurance’s Decision

Insurance providers should make a decision regarding your claim within a reasonable amount of time to avoid paying a penalty. Often, this can be a few weeks after you filed your claim. If you don’t get a response from the company, you can contact the claims administrator or your attorney to help you seek a response.  

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