Watch As Much Spanish TV As You Like While Living Abroad

Spain has some incredible shows and media content which can leave you wanting more. Even while out of the country you may still want to sit down and enjoy your favourite shows to keep up to date on what’s happening this week.

Fortunately there are many countries around the world which speak Spanish so there are many locations where Spanish TV can be accessed easily. Channels like  RTVA and DKISS in the Spanish borders, Canal 44 and TVMÁS in Mexico and Telesur in Cuba all offer some great content to watch everyday but if you’re in a country which doesn’t speak Spanish it can be a little more tricky.

Finding a way to watch Spanish TV abroad

If you’ve been searching ver television española desde el extranjero (watch Spanish television from abroad) online you may have seen many results on your search engine which say it can’t be done. Although there are some websites online which have Spanish programs available to watch as and when you want them, television española en directo, or live spanish television, isn’t generally available as it has it’s own restrictions.

Regional TV channels have their own boundaries put in place by the producers of features TV shows. There are many legal stipulations which include copyright laws and third party advertising contracts that affectively tie a show down to a specific area and audience. In this case, live Spanish TV is kept within Spanish borders.

If you try to log on and watch the shows from anywhere outside of Spanish borders you are likely to be faced with a proxy message reading something like the content is not available in this territory.

Getting around a geographical lock

A geographical lock will shoot out an error message each and every time you try to watch a show outside its set boundaries. This is because the channel or producers are monitoring IP addresses. An IP address contains coding which reveals the location you are situated in and trying to log in from. If you are not in the set boundaries you get the error message. For example, if you have a French IP address and are trying to watch live Spanish TV you will not be allowed to do so.

However, there are services online which can hook you up to a vpn. Virtual Private Networks are generally used to be able to surf the Internet without the risk of being spied on or hacked. The security measures are second to none and are highly effective at what they do. However, in addition to the immense security protocols, vpn providers can also distribute IP addresses. These special addresses will mask your current location and make out like you are in a different location altogether.

As long as your chosen vpn provider has servers in a set country you can watch live TV. So in order to watch Spanish TV all the time get a Spanish IP address.

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