Top 4 Weird but Fun Websites to Visit While You’re High

Looking for fun new ways to spend your high times? Turn on your device and browse through the waiting web! Gone were the days where only Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube can accompany you during your high moments with cannabis.

Here, we have compiled 4 of the best sites to visit while your high.

Check them out!

  • Ana Somnia

Turn out the lights and explore the ever-mysterious dreamscape through Ana Somnia. By simply visiting the said site, you will be welcomed by a minimalist bedroom of a young girl who gives the impression she’s about to get to bed. Once the page fully loaded, the girl, sitting up in bed, will ask you to turn off the lights for her to be able to go sleep. From there, you can opt to turn off the lights in the room you’re physically in or just merely cover the webcam with your hand. 

Once it becomes dark, the girl will start to fall sleep, and the story will begin to set in motion. From there, you will be introduced to Ana’s subconscious as she dreams the virtually unexpected. Different forms will eventually come to life – from mere patterns swirling like the eye of the storm, to the most bizarre of symbols. 

Alluring, mysterious, and fun, Ana Somnia is the perfect website to check out to find stories in the most random of patterns while you’re high on marijuana. 

It’s best to note, however, that the interaction could also, sometimes, appear to be a bit creepy. In such cases, you are free to open up your lights, which, by the way, will wake up the girl and halt her dreams right away.

  • Cleverbot

Looking for someone you could share your thoughts with during your high episodes? If yes, then Cleverbot is the perfect site to check on. To give you a good start, Cleverbot performs as a chatbox, wherein an automatic message replier responds to your every message within an instant.

Although the chatbot can respond with an incorrect or somewhat unrelated reply at times, Cleverbot is still a nice site to spend your high time with. It uses NLP (Natural Language Processing), Machine Learning, AI, and Data analysis to learn from its previous incorrect replies and generate better conversations the next time around.

Fun, exciting, and comforting, Cleverbot lets you enjoy an ever patient and all-around company during your high moments anytime, anywhere. How cool is that?

  • Zoom Quilt

Traversing one realm to another has never been easier through the help of Zoom Quilt — with, of course, some dosage of cannabis. 

To simply explain, Zoomquilt is a website that automatically and infinitely zooms in from one image to another to create a virtual illusion of a never-ending world.  

It is a hypnotizing virtual quilt drawn by a number of artists that lets you cross through different dimensions without having the need to move your feet an inch.

Impressive, highly artistic, and spellbinding, Zoom Quilt lets you step into a never-ending wonderland where robots roam around and orange roads swirl around like vines and snakes.

  • Revolving Internet

As the name suggests, visiting the Revolving Internet lets you navigate through the internet with a revolving screen.

According to some reviewers, the site seems to imitate the euphoric high sensation related with cannabis consumption.

Overall, if you’re on the lookout to some weird yet incredible site, Revolving Internet is a worthy option you should check out during your high periods — just try not to puke once you get dizzy with the ever-moving screen.


Surely, the internet remains to be one of the weirdest places to be. However, with the right does of marijuana, you are sure enjoy this kind of strangeness with extra fun and hilarity. 

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