The Importance of the Different Social Media Platforms in 2021

Facebook's Instant Articles open up to brands through Steller

Some recent changes in social media platforms have allowed many companies to start using their profiles on social networks as a sales channel. In addition, this movement intensified after the arrival of sales catalogues on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

The Importance of Social Media

It is now more important than ever to make your brand, products and services available for purchase on social media. This is especially so at this moment, when more and more companies are transitioning to digital platforms in order to adjust to the changes caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

Embraced by companies of the most diverse sizes and services, buyable posts are becoming a way of the future. Customers are now more likely to buy when presented with a simplified shopping experience. This way, social commerce gives brands the opportunity to optimize the shopping experience across multiple channels and platforms.

Digital Sales Representatives

Digital sales are a way to expand one’s areas of operation, make negotiations possible in locations where one’s team of representatives does not arrive easily and serve customers quickly and effectively.

Since these numbers appeared, other platforms have adopted the format. Currently Twitter, YouTube and, more recently, even LinkedIn, are exploring live video as well.

In 2019 alone, Internet users watched 1.1 billion hours of live videos. While that number has grown by itself, the global crisis has certainly added fuel to that fire. Today, the livestream method has become a vital method for many sectors.

During this period, many influencers and brands promoted lives on social media. In addition, many typically offline events – such as festivals, fashion shows, concerts and galleries – have also adopted live video methods. Through this, it was possible to allow the public to get involved and experience them remotely.

2020 and How Social Media Marketing Saved It

For many people and many sectors, lives were saved in 2020. After all, the convenience and accessibility of social media has brought in many audiences that might not normally be involved. Hence, we are sure that social media will remain one of the strong trends in digital marketing for 2021 and will drive other news.

Remember that Facebook has more than 1.66 billion active users every day. Instagram has about 800 million. In addition, Snapchat’s 187 million daily active users create 1 million ephemeral content every day.

Think of how this type of content gets an immediate response from the public – as an urgent purchase need. It also allows your customers to engage with your brand, expanding your reach, building trust and strengthening relationships with the right type of content.

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Nostalgia Marketing

Fashion is one of the most cyclical movements that we can observe. It is very common to find pieces from past seasons (too much or too little) redesigned back to the editorials and catwalks. Now, other industries have adopted this method called nostalgia marketing.

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