Sports Injuries: What are They and What Should You  Do?

A sports injury is sustained in a sporting activity, especially during competition. Sports injuries are usually classified as either acute or chronic. Acute sports injuries can be defined as those where the body is affected during a game or training session. They include muscle strains and sprains, broken bones, bruises, and even concussions. Chronic sports injuries are those with no immediate response to treatment and may require surgery to correct the problem. These can include joint problems such as tendonitis and bursitis, ligament tears, tendinitis, and muscle strains. If you have sustained sports injuries, a Portland sports medicine physician can help you.

Here are the different types of sports injuries.

Different types of sports injuries

Tendinopathy: Tendinopathy is the technical term for a sports injury to the tendon. It can be caused by overuse, improper training, or several other factors.

Tendons are tough band-like structures that attach muscles to bones and move them in specific directions. A tendon injury usually involves tearing or inflammation of the tendon, which can cause pain and swelling.

Meniscus tears: Meniscus tears are the most common injury in sports. These injuries can occur in any sport, but they are more common in running and jumping than in other athletes. The meniscus is a large cartilage disc that sits between the knee joint and the shin bone (tibia). It has two sides, with one side being thicker than the other.

The meniscus attaches to the outer part of your knee cap and helps to reduce friction when you move your leg sideways or backward. It also helps to absorb some of the shocks from each step you take as you walk or run.

Ligament sprains: Ligament sprains are common in sports, especially running, and they are often accompanied by pain and swelling. There are two types of ligament sprains: partial tears and complete tears. Partial tears are when a small part of the ligament is torn away from the bone. Complete tears occur when the entire structure of a ligament is torn away from the bone.

Ligaments are bands of tissue that connect bones so that they can move smoothly against each other during walking or running. They also help prevent twisting of the body in case you twist your ankle while running or playing sports. The most common injuries caused by ligament sprains are ankle sprains and knee injuries such as ACL tears and MCL tears (meniscus cartilage injuries).

Contusions: Contusions are bruises that form when the blood vessels beneath the skin rupture. They usually don’t cause any pain, but they can become painful if the area becomes infected.

Contusions can result from any physical trauma that causes a sudden change in pressure or stress on an area of the body. A contusion is usually caused by a direct impact, such as falling on your elbow or elbow or hitting something hard. It can also be caused by indirect impacts, such as when you fall and your head hits the ground.

Sports injuries are common. They range from mild to severe and can happen in any sport, including soccer, basketball, baseball, and football. You can get injured if you are a beginner who is just learning the basics or an experienced athlete who has been playing for years. Therefore, be sure to take care of your body after sports activities. If you’ve had a recent injury, seek medical attention from Sports Health Northwest, Inc professional as soon as possible.

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