Some effective marketing tactic for generation Z 

According to the market research generation z is taking over and till 2020 there will be increment by 40% in consumers from gen z. This generation is unique and spends most of their time on smart phones and social media. It leads to shift to the new way of communicating, connecting, and marketing.  Marketing to this generation is not traditional it has transformed its way and also have the different approach of buying. The marketers have to introduce new and unique way to attract this generation for a long run of business. There are various gen Z marketing tactics that can help in attracting these audiences like. 

Get their attention 

This generation is also called social generation, anything that happensin the world is quickly shared on social media and known to everyone in a short period of time. So, to reach and attract this generation the marketers should use different social media platforms to make an attractive strategies. They should always be active on the social media to clear the doubts of the seeking audience.   

Treat them as your team member

You should always treat them as you team member, you should communicate with them at a regular interval that can help in building a healthy relationship and make them feel special. This healthy relationship can help you in long run and make them engage for a long period of time.  

Tell the truth 

Previous the consumers were not well aware of the products and internet so it was easy to sell your product by influencing them. But in this generation the customer are a well aware of advantages and usage of the products. So you should never cheat the audience or convey a wrong message that can spoil your reputation.  They are well aware of the technology and internet they can check anything they want so it is better not to lie and practice fraud sales. 

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