Self-Storage can simplify your home renovation project

Renovating your home can be a fun time. It can be a fun time to think about your space, create inspiration boards and work on new designs. Anyone who has ever undertaken a renovation knows that it can disrupt your daily life temporarily. The more you think about the project before it starts, the better.

The number of rooms being renovated will affect the cost of home renovations. Many homeowners have an empty space in their house that they want to use. Instead of storing boxes in an empty space, they envision a home gym or an office. A one-room project is naturally less challenging than a complete home renovation or kitchen remodel. Although larger projects can have a tremendous positive impact on your lifestyle and should be celebrated, they shouldn’t be taken lightly.

No matter how large the project is, there will always be a challenge at the start. How do you store your stuff while you wait? That’s where we come in. You can have peace of mind during a renovation by renting a storage unit. You will be able to concentrate on your family and work commitments as well as any contributions to the project by having somewhere safe to store your belongings.

Customers have reported that storage units are ideal for renovations due to construction dust. Construction dust can cause damage to valuable furniture, fabrics, or electronics. Even with a skilled contractor and a meticulous crew (even if you are the renovator), dust will always exist.

Storage Units and Home Renovations Go Together

Anybody who has ever attempted a home-remodelling project knows that it is a huge undertaking. It is more important to have a plan in place for any belongings that will need to be moved to make the renovations possible. These are our top tips as experts in storage for your next project.

Make a decision early: It is possible to choose to stay or leave your home after completing a major renovation. Alternate lodgings may be necessary for a portion of the project. Smaller projects may not. We recommend that you leave a “replacement space” for your family so they can continue to do the same things as before. For the duration, a bedroom upstairs could be used as the “TV Room”, while a small corner of the downstairs playroom might be designated as a temporary kitchenette with a microwave and mini-fridge. You should also ensure that there is enough privacy for those who need to be away from construction and can focus on their work or rest.

Inventory for storage It is important to know how much and where you’ll store it. You can use the space to organize your belongings by location or category to determine the right size storage unit. You may also find it helpful to measure the space. If your project is subject to extreme seasonal changes, such as during the summer or winter peak, we recommend climate-controlled storage of all electronic devices (or appliances that have electronic components). They are not able to withstand extreme heat or cold.

How to pack for moving: Although self-storage is a temporary solution for renovation projects, it will still require you to move and store valuable items. To prevent any damage, it is important to pack your items.

Kitchen Products: Glassware must be wrapped in bubble wrap, and placed in suitable containers with additional padding to prevent shifting. For safety, appliances should be thoroughly cleaned and defrosted. For extra protection, we recommend that appliances are stored in a climate-controlled environment and that bubble wrap is used on them.

Bedrooms – Mats should be covered during storage. The headboards of beds should be removed and covered with bubble wrap or cardboard. Protect mirrors and wall hangings by covering them with cardboard and storing them upright. Label your clothes, bed linens, curtains, and small rugs in plastic containers.

Living/Family Spaces: TVs should be wrapped with bubble wrap and cardboard to protect the screens in a climate-controlled unit. To avoid tipping, large furniture pieces should be stored and stacked carefully. Fabrics should also be wrapped in plastic. For storage, large area rugs should always be rolled and not folded.

A self-storage unit can be used during renovations to eliminate clutter in your home as well as in your mind. Maple Grove self storage offer the final convenience and leading services for personal and business storage.

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