New Maruti Suzuki Ertiga– Which Variant to Buy and Why?

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga has launched so many variants. Therefore, all the variants of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga are worth buying. So, here we have come up with an article in which we will discuss the top 5 variants of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. Have a look to know each and everything in details.

If you are making a plan to buy this car then go and check Maruti Suzuki Ertiga on road price.

Maruti Ertiga VDI: Maruti Ertiga VDI is one of the top-selling cars. The VDI Ertiga automatic on-road price is around 9.68 lakhs. This car has become the top-selling because of its features and specifications.

Maruti Ertiga VDI has 25.38 km/l of mileage with torque power 200 Nm@ 1750 rpm. The mileage of this car is very much outstanding. The maximum power of this car is 88.50 Bhp @ 4000 rpm. This car is available in both manual and automatic transmissions. The fuel capacity of Maruti Ertiga is around 45 with seating space for 7.

Maruti Ertiga ZXI Plus: Maruti Ertiga ZXI Plus is the top leading car with ARAI mileage of 19.38 km/l. Therefore, the torque power of this car is around 138 Nm @ 4400 rpm. Further, the boot space is 209 litres. There are so many other features also that make this car worth buying.

Maruti Ertiga is having Multi-functional Steering Wheel, Touch Screen, Engine Start stop button etc. If you are thinking to buy this car, then go and check Ertiga lxi on-road price.

Maruti Ertiga 1.5 VDI: This is a car having 9.93 lakhs of on-road price. On, the other hand we are having ARAI mileage of 24.58 km/l. The torque power of Maruti Ertiga is 225 Nm @2500 rpm. This is the top-selling car with boot space of 209 litres.

These are the cars having the best interiors and exteriors. VDI Ertiga is having proper safety and security. VDI is a car having specialized child locks and seat belts. It has a multi-functional steering wheel, power windows front, passenger airbags, driver airbags etc.

Maruti Ertiga ZXI AT: This is again a variant of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga with best features. The ZXI Ertiga car on road price in India is around 10.21 lakhs. The mileage of this car is 18.38 km/l. ZXI car is having a touch screen infotainment that can be easily connected to apple as well as iOS. Therefore, the transmission type of this car is automatic and becomes easy for you to drive.

Maruti Ertiga ZDI: ZDI is again a variant of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. The mileage of this car is 25.47 km/l. the fuel tank capacity is around 45 litres with MUV as body type. There is an infotainment system also that can be connected to apple also. One of the best features of this car is that it has seats that can be easily adjusted according to the heights of you.

If you are thinking to buy this car, then check the new Ertiga on-road price. These are the different variants of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga that you can buy.

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