Best prepaid sim cards

best options in prepaid sim cards

The most necessary thing whenever and wherever you travel Is International sim card. During a trip, it is possible to use Wi-Fi of the hotel where you are staying and other places such as stations, cafes often provide free wi-fi connection for the users. But, what about other places where you need to connect with someone, it is hard to predict what you might need at specific time at your trip. 

top 4 prepaid sim cards companies all over the world

Having Best prepaid SIM cards is very important during any trip for many travellers. Not only for regularly touching base with close ones, but it also means that you can call important numbers of your hotel, traveller or tour guide in emergency. 

-travel sim world-wide card

the rates of travel sim world-wide cards are comparatively cheaper. And also, quite popular in the prepaid sim card market.

Benefits of travelsim international sim card

-free incoming calls across 70 countries 

-service coverage in 135+ countries

-lower cost calls and the services of data, SMS provides worldwide

-add data plans to get lower data rates

-prepaid credit valid for 1 year

-availability of 4G sapped internet in countries that offers 4G 

-the sim is compatible with all unlocked devices and all sim sizes

knowRoaming Global SIM Card

the company based on Canada provides versatile plans for calling and data usage. KnowRoaming also provides physical and electronic sim cards. 

Benefits of knowroaming global SIM Card

-provides unique sticker options that function as some card

-free 30 days of WhatsApp plan with each top up

-Free US number

-Unused data credit expires after nine months

KeepGO -Best Data reliability

 keepGO is popular and top selected card as they have officially partnered with Vodafone, AT&T and Telefonica. This card is good option for connecting with social media anther online platforms. The packages which company provides is little costlier than other options. The features which they provide are worth the price. And one of the best prepaid sim cards.

Benefits of keepGO SIM Card

-free shipping world worldwide.

-The company provide 1GB internet free

-receive lifetime data of refilled once per year

-highly reliable connection

-the services coverage in 100 countries in the world


The sim card company provides international data. The card is available on online where you can purchase and after downloading the app to the smartphone you can activate your sim.

Benefits of GigSKY SIM Card

-the company provides two data packages

-service coverage in all over 110 countries in the world

-budget friendly option

-the E-SIM feature is easy to activate on mobile


There are various options available for best prepaid sim cards with different features and benefits all over the world. Some of them are mentioned above with their features. However, its important to determine data, calling and text needs before selecting any option. And then compare the rates for the services and purchase the one which is perfect for you and fit according to your needs.

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