6 Dazzling Benefits of the Teeth in a Day Procedure

Healthy teeth dictate many aspects of an individual’s life. With good dental health, your smile is perfect, eventually boosting how you feel about yourself, especially in front of people. Also, you will effectively enjoy your meals which boost your overall health. Therefore, there is no reason to continue having tooth gaps or damaged teeth since you will not live in fullness. Seek the Houston teeth in a day, an instant dental procedure to replace your missing teeth, thus reclaiming your dental wellness. The following are 6 benefits of the teeth-in-a-day procedure.

It Preserves Your Jawbones

Your jawbone is one of the strong bones which holds your teeth and helps you in grinding your meal. However, when you miss some teeth, your jaws shrink inwards, which is irreversible with traditional dentures. Luckily for you, getting the implants from the teeth in a day procedure will maintain the shape of your jawbone, thus saving you from having a sunken look.

Easy Maintenance

Many claims that you will have to use extra care to maintain the implants after the teeth in a day, which is not the case. Notably, after replacing your missing teeth using this procedure, you can continue with the normal dental hygiene measures. For example, you need nothing other than brushing the implants at least twice daily. You can also apply the mouthwash when you feel it is necessary.

Quick Results

Traditional dental implants involve fixing individual implants to replace the missing teeth, which usually takes longer. However, when you opt for the teeth-in-a-day procedure, you can get a set of four to six dental implants in your gums in a single day. Therefore, you will restore your dental functionality within the shortest time.

No Pain While Chewing

While seeking the replacement of your broken teeth, you will want the procedure that eliminates all the complications you have had while chewing with those broken teeth. Your choice of denture may not offer optimal results since you will have to bite or chew food carefully to avoid the slippage of the denture. With the teeth in a day procedure, however, the specialists fix the plates safely so that you chew your meals without discomfort.

Long-Lasting Results

When choosing the solution for your missing teeth, the remedy’s longevity is crucial. Choosing the denture may not always give you long-term results since you will have to seek their replacements more often. Nevertheless, opting for the teeth in a day procedure, you get an assurance that each plate will last for a minimum of two to three decades before the replacement.

Are you living with broken or missing teeth? Do not let those dental complications take a toll on the quality of your life. Seek an immediate replacement for your full set of missing teeth and enjoy your life again. At his offices in Houston, Texas, Dr. John P. Freeman conducts a teeth-in-a-day procedure for patients with missing or damaged teeth. Reach out for their quality services through a call or schedule a consultation.

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