5 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Telemedicine

Telemedicine is a relatively unique field in the medical world. Telemedicine encompasses any form of healthcare delivery where the clinician and patient are not in the exact location, usually because one or both are too far away to be present in person. Examples include video conferencing with a doctor at a distant hospital or having an expert physician consult on your case remotely. These technologies have been present for some time now, but they’ve only recently begun to take off. Like in any part of the world, many Georgians have turned to them for their health care needs. When looking for facilities majoring in telehealth in Covington, GA, target the best. Which are the impressive aspects you may not be familiar with about telemedicine?

  1. Accessibility to Health Care

When patients need access to health care, they may not always have a local physician or take time off from work and plan for an appointment. This can be especially difficult if you live in a rural area and there are limited medical resources. Thankfully, telemedicine has changed this dramatically by allowing people to seek out medical attention from afar.

Telehealth gives you the ease of mind that comes with knowing your doctor is just a phone call away: even when you’re several states away or halfway across the globe.

  1. Lowering of Health Care Barriers

The use of new technologies like digital medical records and online billing systems can help lower entry barriers for health care by making it more accessible to everyone, thus helping improve community health outcomes. A Doctor is Just a Click away. Telemedicine makes diagnosis faster, so you’ll have an answer sooner than you would if you had to wait weeks for an appointment with your doctor.

  1. Better Patient Education

Telehealth results in better patient education because the doctors can send patients home with detailed instructions about their condition, medication therapy, regimen compliance, etc. It improves adherence rates and overall patient health, considering that they know more about their medical problem.

  1. Improved Quality of Life

Medication non-compliance can result in poor health outcomes and increased hospitalizations. Telemedicine is one way to improve medication compliance because it allows patients to be monitored remotely by their doctor through regular consultations, which help keep them healthy and out of the hospital. The result is that telehealth positively impacts the quality of life for both patient and provider.

  1. Increased Doctor Satisfaction

According to the latest study by the American Medical Association, there’s significant dissatisfaction among doctors who lack time with their patients. Studies show that doctors spend less time per patient visit due to increasing administrative tasks and policies, resulting in doctor burnout. Telemedicine provides an alternative for this problem because it allows physicians more freedom to spend quality time with their patients during consultations, which leads to higher job satisfaction rates for physicians.

Telemedicine has changed the game for people worldwide by providing an alternative to in-person doctor visits. Telehealth is not only affordable, but it’s also convenient and more interactive than ever before because doctors can communicate with patients through video conferencing or online chat services.

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