Why Is Your Vape Tank Leaking And 8 Tips To Fix It

A leaking vape tank is the fastest way to waste high-quality Cannabis oil for nothing. People who are new to vaping will encounter a couple of tank leaks once in a while because there is a learning curve when it comes to using vape compared to cigarettes. If you have been carrying extra tissues around to mop up leaking CBD Vape Juice, here are some common causes of leaks and how to fix them:

1 – Incorrect Tank Filling Technique

Yes, there is a right and a wrong way to fill up a vape tank. The wrong way will result in filling up the central tube instead of the tank itself which will lead to leaking. The best way to fill the tank is to tilt it to ensure the oil goes directly into the tank, not the tube. As the tank fills up, slowly straighten it to avoid spilling the liquid.

2 – Clear Excess Fluid From The Central Tube

If cannabis oil enters the central tube, it is best to clear it away before using the vape. Simply hold some tissues at the tube’s end and blow until the tube is free of liquid. Another trick is to flick the tank on tissues and allow it to absorb the liquid inside the tube.

3 – Don’t Overfill

It is better to leave a space inside the tank when filling it with liquid. The space helps create a vacuum seal that holds the CBD vape juice within the tank’s chamber.

4 – Replace Old And Damaged O-Rings

The o-ring is responsible for keeping the tank air and water-tight. However, with constant wear and tear and overnighting of the seal, the o-ring will develop gaps which will result in leakage. Check on the vape’s o-ring regularly and replace them as soon as possible.

5 – Leave Half-Empty Tanks Standing Upright

The coils inside the vape have “juice holes” which brings the liquid up the tube to vaporize. When the tank is half-empty, the liquid can escape through these holes and enter the central tubing and out the airflow holes which causes the leak. By leaving unused vapes upright, the chances of a leak are minimized.

6 – Increase Power Settings

In some cases, too much juice is pulled into the coil and the vaporizing setting is too low. This means excess oil stays in the coil, resulting in a leak. With a higher power setting, the vape is capable of vaporizing more liquid per puff, eliminating leaks.

7 – Slow And Soft Inhalation

New vape users who used to smoke make the mistake of inhaling too strongly expecting more vapor. The stronger you inhale using the vape, the more liquid is drawn to the coil, causing a leak. Practice slow and soft inhalation techniques to minimize the occurrence of leaks while vaping.

8 – Empty Tanks On A Flight

For vape users who fly it is important to empty the tank before getting on a plane. The pressure inside the aircraft is different than on the ground which may cause the tank to leak. Avoid this by emptying the tank of all liquid before riding an airplane.

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