What To Know About The Mechanical Watch?

It is the oldest type of watch. It appeared in the 16th century, and its entirely mechanical operation distinguishes it. It, therefore, does not require a battery to operate. This feat is made possible by the movement of the wearer’s wrist, which generates the energy necessary for the watch to function. To do this, a part called the barrel compresses a spring that stores energy. Then it is gradually delivered, thus allowing the operation of the watch.

Direct heirs to the first timepieces, mechanical watches are appreciated for their durability and the appeal of their purely mechanical operation. Watch collectors often have a preference for these timepieces, and the most prominent houses swear by them.

Often more expensive than quartz watches, they are considered a work of art and technique.

They require more regular maintenance than quartz watches, approximately every five years. But they are also much more durable. There are collectible mechanical watches that have known generations and a lot of history.

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Types Of Mechanical Watches.

Mechanical Watches With Manual Winding

To wind a mechanical watch with manual winding, it is necessary to turn a part called the crown, which will activate the operation of the barrel. This type of winding must be done daily to guarantee the precision of the watch.

Mechanical Watches With Automatic Winding

They are also referred to simply as “automatic watches.” More sensitive to movement, they operate on a slightly different mechanism than hand-wound watches. An oscillating weight uses the movements of the wrist to wind the timepiece. However, this system has a slight drawback: you have to wear the watch every day to keep it accurate.

A Quality Mechanical Watch Is An Authentic Watch.

When you are considering purchasing a high-end quality watch, it is essential to have information to trace its provenance, manufacturing process, and authenticity. A high-end watch comes with a certificate of authenticity, and the watchmaker you buy it from must be able to tell you about its characteristics.

If in doubt, contact an expert who will help you determine the quality of your watch.

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