What Can be Your Old Car Be Worth?

The saddest part of buying a car is that every year its value depreciates. When it becomes old, like more than ten years, it also starts giving very low mileage. So, if you use a simple calculation, you will find out how much money your old car is eating whenever you take it out. So, better to get rid of it when there’s still time, and you can get more money out of it.

Scrapping a car isn’t an easy job. You can either dismantle your whole car and sell parts by parts; else you can sell the whole car at a go. Dismantling a car will also cost a lot, as you have to pay the mechanic who will do it.

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So, what can your car be worth?

Bodywork and Mirrors

Go to a lot of scrapyards, and something ends up being apparent; a lot of the automobiles don’t have mirrors.

Why? Since mirrors can range from 91 AUD (for a conventional mirror) to 450 AUD (for a heated mirror), from a dealer. A scrap yard will typically take 35-100 AUD depending upon the make as well as design.

The same goes for bodywork. If the automobile is a prominent color such as black, blue, red or white, the bodywork could be worth a lot of money. It can get you 150 AUD.

  • Doors and The Roofing

Two points are infamously tough to repair on a vehicle; the doors as well as roofing system. Paint damages isn’t a concern; however, dents are. Most of the time, these damages cannot be eliminated.

  • Battery

A new battery for a car like a Ford Focus will certainly be in the 180 AUD variety if it is a new battery. Even if it’s not new, you might anticipate obtaining 60-100 AUD.

  • Wheels

This is just one of the most beneficial and quickest marketing things on scrap cars.

Expect to get 140-200 AUD for a typical vehicle with excellent tires, within a matter of days.

  • Engine

Finally, we have the engine. How much you will engine will depend upon the condition of it.

In the case of our 2006 Ford Focus, we would expect to get around 350 AUD for a completely functioning engine. This is minimized to 180 AUD if it is not functioning properly.

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