UMMC Strategy: Focus on Customer Value and Satisfaction

When Ural Mining Metallurgical Company (UMMC) was conceptualized, the founder and its management had three core strategies; enhancing production, caring for the environment, and optimizing customer value & satisfaction. But it is the last goal, focus on customer value & satisfaction, which has helped it to grow in leaps and bounds to reach more than 40 companies under its fold. Here is a closer look at the customer value and satisfaction strategy.

Product Design

The customer value and satisfaction is a three-pronged strategy that targets to guarantee clients of high value. For UMMC, the focus on driving customer satisfaction starts with the product design. The products are carefully designed to ensure they meet the targeted industry standards. This is why UMMC has a strong management unit that foresees its operations and design of the product.  Here are the three core components that define the product design in the company.

  • Customer preferences.
  • International standards.
  • EU production guidelines.
  • Russian industrial and product development policies.

Progressive improvement  

For UMMC, product design is only the first step to crafting high-value products. The bulk of the company’s effort is directed at research and development for progressive improvement. The management insists that though its products have performed well in the market, it must continue reinventing itself to meet the customer needs.

To deliver greater customer satisfaction, the improvements are anchored on research and modern technology. This helps to ensure that the products are of high quality and offered at reduced prices. For example, gold and silver are produced as by-products of non-ferrous metal production. They can also be recovered with zinc and copper into concentrates during the processing of mined ore.  

The Customer the Community    

One thing that makes UMMC focus on customer satisfaction stand out from competitors is that it does not stop after selling the mining products. Instead, the company wants to stick around and become part of your success. Therefore, it ensures that the products are of high quality and deliveries to target clients are done on time.

When you contract UMMC for supplies, it also wants to get your feedback about the product. The feedback is used for product improvement. The relationship is not simply based on profit optimization. The company wants you to be part of its community.

For years, UMMC has worked hard to build its brand anchored on customer satisfaction. The company’s customer value and satisfaction wheel does not stop as it explores new ways of improving product value and strengthening cooperation.

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