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Many companies are constantly releasing new tools, and you will need some time to figure it out on your own.

Many underestimate the need and importance of proper care for shoes, made from natural materials. We advise you not to neglect care products of high quality. Let’s talk about the basic care products and their origin.

Genuine leather, from ordinary soap and laundry detergent, is quickly enough cracked and covered with stains. That is why specialized care products were invented – using shampoo or foam that is designed for a certain type of shoes; you will extend the life of your beloved couple for a long time. Such products have a special composition, dissolving dirt, grease and stains of a different kind very gently and at the same time taking care of the leather.

Creams on a shoe polish basis are classic shoe cosmetics. Although such creams are not very well absorbed and require special brushing, they are great for winter shoes caring in Manhattan.

Emulsion creams are softer. They contribute to the formation of a porous film on the shoe surface, which allows moisture to escape. It’s suitable for relatively warm weather.

Shiny creams, as they dry, contribute to the formation of a shiny film. These products are sold in containers with a foam sponge. It is advisable to apply the cream in the evening using the same sponge.

Aerosol is a product that is mainly used to make leather shoes water repellent. One of the benefits of an aerosol is a convenient way to apply a protective care product to the surface.

Buying a product, pay attention to the expiration dates of the products, the consistence of the cream (it should be monophonic and smooth).

Do not forget about the means that perform an auxiliary function: shoe cleaners, shoe stretchers, waxes that give the shine, as well as deodorants for shoes that have an antibacterial effect.

Proper and regular care of winter shoes ensures the safety of appearance and initial operational properties.

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