Major facts about Desert Safari Dubai

It will look stupid if I ask you what have you heard about this city or not? So for the ones who don’t know the major details about this city let me tell them that this city is a gem city for UAE.  This city has played a major role in making the UAE developed. The modern and the not so modern aspect both are the ones which are a source of peace for people. When we talk about the modern aspects so definitely we talk about the huge buildings, luscious lakes, green parks, luxurious malls, beautiful mosques and etc. and if we talk about the not so modern aspect of Dubai so in that comes the old museums of Dubai and the deserts. Let’s talk about deserts only. But why am I talking about deserts only? Because deserts are the place which is least talked about. 

Deserts of Dubai: The city of Dubai has changed the view of deserts. Now no more deserts are seen a place with no fun. Deserts are now considered a place full of people’s favorite activities. Among all the deserts of Dubai, Desert Safari Dubai is the most popular and unique one. The beauty and the activities of Dubai attract the people towards this desert. Let me tell you about some of the famous activities that take place in desert safari.

Activities of desert safari Dubai:

Camel Riding: This activity falls under the list of most preferred activity of people here at desert safari. You must have experienced camel riding before but what you might not have experienced is riding a camel on a desert that too desert safari. You will love to explore the desert safari while sitting n the camel’s back and with taking a lot of pictures of this desert.

Quad biking: You must have ridden a 2 wheeled bike, but have you ever ride a four-wheeled bike? If not then quad biking is a must try here at desert safari Dubai. Thrilling is a very small word for this activity.

Dune bashing: Want to ride on the desert on the land cruiser at the speed of your choice? Go for dune bashing activity in your desert safari trip.

Let me talk about some overnight camping activities of desert safari Dubai:

Tanoura Dance: Get lost in the moment when the Sufi dance is being done in front of you, while you are sitting on the sand dunes of Dubai. 

Fire show: Experience the most amazing show here at desert safari. You will love the way how the fire strings are blown in the air without any gap. 

Henna art: Want to get your hand tattooed temporarily without going through a painful procedure? Go for henna art in your desert safari trip.

Barbeque dinner: Want to have some palatable BBQ food in desert safari? Go for overnight camping in desert safari and get to eat the tastiest BBQ food here. 

Book your deal no at to enjoy these amazing activities here at this desert. Go for it!

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